Kelly Slater is working with Juper, Collabling Collab, Surfing, and More

We are adapting to the Kelly Slater in New York during the Superocean Heritage II Chronograph 44-hour unwarranted, year-end collaboration between Outerknown and Breitling clothing. Read the full interview below.

Men's Mood: How did you choose to watch watch this watch?
Kelly Slater: Breastfeeding has contacted us [Outerknown, the clothing brand Slater co-founded in 2015] about a year ago to discuss the idea and looga bringing together a group of players [pro surfers] Stephanie Gilmore and Sally Fitzgibbons, who are friends for a long time. Breitling really wanted to represent what we meant in our games, giving us the opportunity to add Outerknown by designing the clock segments.

So what are the specific groups of the team?
It was made from Econil, which has been formed for a recycled waste recycling at the sea and then recovering. We created jackets that use so everything can be restored. That was part of the beginning and why we started the type.

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You've made your pages and car machines, so why put on your clothes?
I knew that something fed me with small fish as the dress was made to speak. There was a moment of treatment. I have been fasting for six days, I drank water for about four or five days, that is, we had clear and eternal ideas. I thought I detected the garments made when I was in the company of clothes. I must know who to make clothes and where to do and what to do, and I need to know all this because it has given me a lot of my life, and I really do not know it. So, I started to ask questions & started to find ways to access the roads.

This seems like a conspiracy theory.
I would say it is true. I went to a man who worked for an artist, who knew that man was 20 to 30 years old and I knew he would tell me. I went to his office and said, "Yes, I want to talk about something. I feel I can get an answer from someone else." And he said, "I do not think you're going to like the answers." he stood up and went and shut his door to his office, he said, "Well, you want to talk about this? You do not like what you have heard, because they want to buy anything cheap as it is possible to power do as they can and as small as possible, those who do not pay well, have a living wage and all that. "

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You think the branded clothing is shared by popular world games and your photo will be posted on the entire website. But it is not.
There were some suggestions to be called Slater, but I want to dress more and more about my thoughts. My goal was to create good clothes in the right way and to stand for the time test. For me, it was a lot about creating this symbol while trying to lift myself. Behold, I boast of what I did. I'm allowed to have the opportunity to create this company and find people who trust my beliefs and see what they can do in a factory that allows them to fall because of what I've done. Therefore, of course, I am very proud of my achievements. I did not want to go and run the risk of being bullied and "buying something".

Do you add a resemblance to your resume?
Well, the Apex Bowl is probably my signature because this is what we live in. We have worked on all aspects of the design framework, but I do not have time to go and work everything. I am happy to be with me on the Apex shoots. For me, I want to be great and clear. When I competed, I want to be the top man. It's amazing that it was not all neon-although I had a baby in everything in my entire tree orange and green.

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I have read that if you are going to compete in Tokyo's summer 2020, can it be the final race?
Yes, I would not say it would be the last event. I think I will still continue events five years after we compete here and there. But I will look at next year and we will be the last year of competitive competition. If I make the Olympics, I think I will still be competitive at the start of the year 2020, just as myself and myself as I need to compete, so I will not feel the time.

What does it mean to get to the Olympics?
We can clearly see both sides. I can be totally financially unlucky in the Olympics and I can totally fail. I see what's going on, and we also see that we have an international tour of the world which is the best in the world every year during all the years and all kinds of conditions, and I think The best year he looks like is the world championship. The pressure on the Olympics, I think it really wants to grow up, because you trust your game and what to do, that day, a natural person wins this.

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It has been shown to implement the waves of the world. How do you describe where the storm is going?
When I started, I did not get any idea. I would wake up early in the morning and eat my rubbish with my friends and my cycles as soon as you can slow down the shore. Most days in Florida was nothing. As such, I did not know the waves they did, I knew that sometimes I would get up and the waves were big, the wind was good. After I was young, I met a man named Sean Collins who called the Wave Track, which has now become the largest Surfline site. I had good friends while I was at 13 or 14, and he showed me that I can show maps and weather maps to find, say, Australia in June and July. He will be able to read the hurricane in New Zealand and find out 10 days after those who want to hit the coast of California. Therefore he had a good idea of ​​the size and duration. Then look at the windshield timeline to see how it affects local conditions.

I started to learn these things like baby and after, through the websites and programs that children have been developing for many years, it's basically for you to learn one of these things. Look up and have a good idea of ​​how it works. But fortunately there is still a secret about how to read, because I like to go to Fiji and some of the websites on the internet will provide unpredictable predictions, people can not understand how to read. If you know how to read, it's obvious.

Kelly Slater, a member of the extremist group Kelly Slater, wearing Superocean Heritage II Chronograph 44 Free
A member of the Kelly Slater Audit Company closes the Superocean Heritage II Chronograph 44 Further (PPR / Breitling) Court picture

When you stick to a competitive challenge, what do you do?
I would say in the year or two years I will travel more than now. In short [surf] trips, only office vacations, such as swelling stimulation. Immediately I was injured last year, has a little bit of transportation, not expelled more wary. But when I have completed a full time I will keep watch over the many things going on, and if I see good sweetheart in July, I can walk for two days. Last week, I would go to the Northwest coast of Africa and I would cover it but I would not have time to spend it.

Who is Kelly Slater?
The next kid is the name of the son of Hanneman from Maui, 15, and it is unbelievable.