Kindergarten class starts the first lesson

First class for kindergarten classes

The first class of kindergarten classes

In the first quarter of the school year, the kindergarten classes will organize the first lesson of the school to guide the children from the family life in the holiday to the kindergarten life. Now I will share the first class activity plan for the big class.

Activity Goals:

1, Familiar with new class environment and class routines, increase intimacy

2, feel the pride of becoming a big class teacher


3. Guide children from family life to regular kindergarten life, and share the holiday experience

Activity preparation: Do a good job in the class creation work for each child.

Activity Process:

First, the three teachers of the children and the class say hello to each other, hug

Guide: Good friends, we didn’t meet each other during the summer vacation, the teacher missed you very much. Do you miss the teacher?

The teacher wants to use hugs to express your thoughts on you, open your arms!

A lot of children haven’t seen each other for a long time. Let’s hug the good friends you miss!

(The teacher then hugs the children, let the children feel the teacher’s love, feel the friendship between the companions, and experience the warmth of the class.)

The first class of kindergarten classes

Second, children share the most memorable things with their teachers and companions

Guide: Children have holidays Didn’t go out with my loved ones? where did you go? If you have any fun things, please let the children share them with everyone.

(Encourage young children to share their holiday experiences with others, teachers can provide photos of children’s play to guide children to recall holiday experiences)

The first class of kindergarten classes

Three, discuss the feelings and responsibilities of becoming a big class, experience the pride of becoming a big class

Guide: Now holiday At the end, we all became children in the big class. The children in Taipan are the oldest and the biggest children in the whole school. If you upgrade to the next level, you can become a primary school student. How is your mood?

What do you think the big class kids should be able to become a qualified and excellent big brother and sister?

(Let the children experience the pride of being a big class, and know that they have to work harder, show their performance, care for their younger siblings, and be their role models)

Four Changes in the class environment and fun activities in the new semester of the class, stimulating children to join the new kindergarten life

Guide: Children observe, what changes have we made in our classroom? Please tell us about your findings

There is a new regional love hospital in the class, children can go to be a doctor; many new books have been added to the book area; wooden blocks have been added to the construction area; The area’s free graffiti wall; the puzzle area adds a board game and welcomes the children to play.

 The first class of kindergarten classes begins inline=

5.Children experience new regional activities