Know Your Choice: How They See, How They Use it

Like the thanksgiving meetings, they are a group of teams: Curcurbitaceae, wet grape with about 1,000 members, including pumpkin, melon, zucchini and cucumbers.

Some are bloom – hard-bent, bitter, stripes suitable for decorating. But the winter weather offers a range of sweet drinks in salads, salads, main courses, pots, breads and sweets. Their lifestyle, not worn, can be a few days for people with a mild skin, for weeks. Do not forget the seeds, which can be cooked with fire and garbage.

Here you can find a range of species that are more likely to get from the market and farms:

WHY IS IT? This is a food-store, strongly placed and about the size of a big animal. It's usually dark green, though it depends on gold.

HOW IT USE IT The peanut is not to be eaten; deep golden meat is sweet. The best thing to do is to squeeze and bend, or cut down to make a trace or clean.

Food: Cows & Acorn Squash

LOOKS Challenges in fatty types and clay milk, this small squash, small squash has a whole skin that can be cooked.

LOOKS Small food (one inch measure), fluctuating on the floor, has white and green leaves of skin, thinner.

LOOKS Also known as mashed potatoes or white white, this plant came a few years ago – oval size, less than the most greasy, and actually inside and outside.