Knowledge education and wisdom education

People often think of knowledge as wise, which is an illusion. Under the influence of this illusion, people expect more knowledge of their own, and they are desperately trying to put knowledge into their own minds, which also leads to their educational model. After the parents’ “hope” expired, they put the “hope” that they once had on their children.

They want their child to be a wise person. How do you do it? Put more knowledge into his mind. If a child can recognize two thousand words when he is four years old, and recite “San Zi Jing” and “Thousand Characters”, we think he is very smart. And what is the use of this? You are just storing more data on the hard drive of a computer.

Wisdom is a state of emptyness, not a state of fullness. Too much knowledge can only make a mind become jealous, and it is not wisdom. The computer can dispatch thousands of knowledge information at any time, but the computer is not a smart human brain. For people, wisdom does not depend on what is in him, but on the space inside him. The more space he has in his space, the more space and power he uses to apply knowledge, just like the hard disk in a computer and the more white space in memory, the faster it runs. Educate your child, give him something, keep him empty, don’t fill him too full. If you fill his mind too full and too real, just like a bottle is too tight and too solid, the empty space inside it becomes a dead space, so that the wisdom of a child can not be played.

Therefore, educate children, pay attention to the empty inside. Knowledge education is a kind of education, and wisdom education is an empty education. Remember to leave more space for your child than to have it – please pay attention to wisdom education over knowledge education. Master revealed: Learning is not to remember knowledge, but to awaken love and detonate wisdom. Knowledge-specific, wisdom and universal. Knowledge is not power, knowledge is only a tool, and wisdom is power!