Known as & # 39; Trentham Long House & # 39; by MRTN Architects to demonstrate modern & modern intellectual principles

In Trentham, Australia, a very well-designed and recently renovated MRTN Architects, was named Trentham Long House. The structure of the structure combines the interior design of the modern interior and the small building of all corners in an uncomfortable place and an exciting space.

Trentham Long House is housed in a convenient location at the Greater Great Massage in central Trentham, about 100km away from Melbourne. At present it was a city of golden entertainment, but now it is a stable, peaceful country. Trentham residents value their air-conditioned home country, which is delicate, cool, and very expensive, as well as their most convenient streets, most of which are beyond the traffic.

This means that the city nasashadiisu is perfect for home and for you to feel a little bit like re-time, even though they keep a lot of the modern life. The home is very reasonable in terms of facilitating timing and facilitating modern home technology.

The home is more than just a traditional cultural tradition. The fact is part of the local rural development in the rural areas of the country and to assess small repairs, energy and energy. Long Long House was built especially for elderly couples and their children and their children are often visits. They applied for a home to explore the historical and local historical context but also provide a comfortable environment for a whole year's life. They also wanted to be able to host major family gatherings!

Although the house has several neighborhoods, it is around a place to feel yourself. They are on the large garden both in front and back, giving unusual ideas regardless of where you are at home. The real structure of the home is very special; Instead of just one solid hard wall on the walls, the Long House house was actually assembled by unusual buildings that were gathered in one large flat roof.

These types of semi-linked structures actually include traditional farming houses in the local history. In fact, the real homemade home has faced some of the fact that they have actually come from buildings from the real farms that are not longer than the use.

The site, for example, was originally an old machine. The main park, which is centralized and culturally organized in the kitchen industry with a burning machine, is new, but a few things have been built and built backed by fired and known firms.

With respect to the consumer, the home has a lightweight and lightweight slip in how to use things directly out of your home. The house is actually built on the nature of the nature and the time frame of the brain. The building, made of wooden jewelry, receives the natural nature of its nature, which is specifically designed to include the historical home environment. This will add even more efficient and natural to nature than ever before.

In the interior of the home, the buildings are divided into their work, so the need to influence the life of the whole country makes sense when you move to the majority of the space. There is also some functionality in some areas. For example, there is a late carport carrier that provides a shade and cover in the immediate area, which is a guesthouse. Separation offers hot summer ointments in Australia.

At the end of the house at the end of the road, you will meet a mature vegetable mattress. These are faint to look and pay down, but they also have a technical purpose to break into the relaxation spaces at the ground and actually appear in many fields that work in agriculture.

In the main areas of life, the warm absence is at the center of the home as much as it is organized. It creates a very beautiful place and also is a very comfortable and comfortable place, and also removes the place of the session and meeting places. Because the interior sports systems are very simple and simple, the actual building blocks of these areas are provided in a vibrant environment, with a sense of home culture.

It's possible to have the most up-to-date items in the house – the place is different than the most fun – it's in the kitchen. Here, life seems to be high-technology with modern smartphone facilities and flexible floors to access ceilings on the roofs from a screensaver that can be integrated inside and outside. Moving to a private bedroom at home, always feels local and traditional.

Photos by Anthony Basheer