Kushal Das has strong support from IMG-R: set up Buzz

New Delhi: Since the Indian League of Legislative Contracts (ISL) began in 2014, the All India Federation (AIFF) is often accused of playing a "chowkidar" role, protecting the interests of new customers available without having any interest in their position in the I-League clubs.

Recently, many I-League teams came together to supplement the Supercaster Super Cup and are accused of being a national partner for FSDL partners, who actually call all immunizations policy of AIFF.

AIFF Secretary General Kushal Das, despite the fact that he stole the allegation and said that Indian football would have been "difficult" without the marketing partners.
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Das said: "I can give you a real picture." In 2010 when our co-operators could continue the contract, the federal was heavier.
"After all, there was no money, no television and lenders were calling every second day, I tell you that IMG-R did not show up and we did not support it, and then the football would be bad.

"We have not been able to confirm IMG-R or FSDL, they've invested money and yes, while the design offered is a framework, there are a number of major corporations … … in JSW there are CESC, there are other people.

"They joined the hands of the hands to support football, not before, created a story, the beginning of the ISL actually helped, the storm has fallen as a whole but it is definitely the right way." said Das.

He also said the general belief that the ISL was presented "to be completed" is an I-League mistake. In turn, every effort has been made to make I-League financially sustainable, but no sponsor or provider has expressed interest.

"Although IMG-R signed AIFF in 2010, they launched ISL only in 2014. For five years they have tried the possible ways in which existing structures would be revised.

"They talked to reporters and supporters, but the fact is that the issue is not exciting, they all say that this approach will not work, at the same time many other leagues in the sport are based on advertising.

"This is when Star (television) comes in. They say that if the new system can be triggered, then it can be the journalists.

"I have to understand the fact that these teams are at risk, I-League clubs have lost money, and the reality is not really the fact that football has not been between teams and support only by the team.

"At the same time, we must accept and agree that the fact that our business partners have brought in many investors, we have to respect them," Das said.

"We have to beat and smell the coffee, we can not deny the best national players for the ISL, but I'm happy that it is still important for the I-League because they have moved to different regions from north to south to north.

"However, honestly, the I-League created the value of anyone looking for it, and no need to bring it up, you understand the value of the trade and the money, it will not work," he said. Das.

The general feeling that AIFF is currently managing their marketing partners is totally wrong, Das said. FSDL, according to Das, only sees "marketing issues".

"There is nothing wrong with any other political issue, it is probably something that can not help and support India's football in the last 5 years, Indian football is already going on … it improves at 13, the age of 15, the child league etc.

"The football team is working well, its grades have improved, the vision has gone up, there is no reason to create this allergy, even no one helps, even those who are infected," Das said.