La Dacha Mountain Mountain Frameworks made from a mysterious wooden rustic atmosphere in Chilean Andes

Las Tancas, Nevados de Chillan, designing Chilean buildings and building design called Del Rio Arquitectos Asociados created a long and vibrant fear of its home called La Dacha Mountain Mountain Resuge.

To get it only The mountain on the right feels the beauty of the house and the atmosphere, the designers prefer to wrap the outer walls of the woods. Nonetheless, outside of the black space or closure, however, the team has made sure that this vision is critically illuminated by using windows with many windows that provide comfortable views of the land sensual and natural nature.

Las Trancas, a small town with shelter at the edge of the shelter, was located in the heart of the pavilion area which can boast a few stratovolcanoes. Many stories are listed below, slowly pulling the angles and deeply into the natural landscape of the area. When looking at a lightweight symptom, you may not think that there were a few built-in water and energy systems that would make a lot of environment better and better at home.

Developing these systems, including natural-tempered performance, has come to the fact that the measurement was a unique design. This means that the groups have introduced the concept of general, design, and so on in the minds of the brain, in contravention of some situations where the site is located and used as a space for a previously designed design.

The V-shaped circle represents 140 square meters in half-square-seeded area with extensive woodworking. Designers are particularly directed towards the fear that they will benefit from the sun as far as possible on the road to the mountains. This helps outdoor space and games in a very warm window, but the most important heating of the energy comes from the modern wall and the top of the circle.

Negotiation of outer paintings is the black and white texture we have already mentioned. This tool is long cut using a traditional Japanese tradition called the Fuel Shoui. Deadly gunshot wounds are more than just anesthesia; It also helps to increase resistance to natural weather, pests, and damage to the types of wood structures.

The outer part of the building is located in a wooden barbed hole using the Japanese technique to ban the ban. Tree burns help increase the protection against pests and damage. This will make the room a little bit of maintenance to maintain and care, and it also helps them to get better with its location and nature.

Opposing many forms of housing, the private parts of this house (such as bedrooms and toilet rooms) are located on the lower ground of the house, while public places and public areas host residents. The main door of the castle is located somewhere in the middle of the floor, which is drawn from the exterior by expensive wooden chains.

The same level of entrance to the bigger gate, before moving to bedrooms or kitchen, the home, and the dining room, is a limited space. Here, you will find the firewood cake (also known as kachelofen). This stove is safely stored in high temperature, light-emitting diodes, which generate the daily heating temperature from one piece of wood.

Using this storage bag is creative, although it looks pretty fast. In fact, it was a European fishing boat that has escalated in many parts of Chile in the south as an environmentally friendly and responsive response to contamination and use of extra fires.

Out of the fear room is not the only one with a sense of joy, a romantic! In the interior, you will find beautiful tones and natural ingredients that again translate a beautiful terrain outside the walls of the cord. These include stone and wood products in the local area.

Photos of Nico Saieh and Felipe Camus