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Stay at La Loma Lodge

If you are looking for a combination of natural activities surrounding the beautiful beaches, then Bocas del Toro should go to your list of bucks. One of the most common home experiences I have had since the day was La Loma Lodge, a natural gourmet restaurant and chocolate farm, located in Bastimentos Island.

Here is a review of La Loma Lodge in Bocas Del Toro!

La Loma Lodge

How To Get La Loma Lodge

Bocas del Toro is one of Panama's remote parts, so I would advise to expand the continuation of the continent so that you can lessen and feel all the islands have to offer.

You can find Bocas del Toro bus or airplane. See the Bocas del Toro Improvement Guide for more information on how to find the islands!

When you arrive in Bocas Town, you will need to take a taxi to Bahia Honda on Isla Bastimentos where La Loma is located. When making your appointment, you will get full details on the follow-up instructions.

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There are four pieces of rubbers pushed in the jungle. Known as "ranchos," I rancho as it was like a natural herb! Each ranch has a private toilet with a warm shower, comfortable beds, and home-made furniture.

They use solar panels to provide light bulbs and ceilings. There is no A / C or a television that means you are enjoying a delicate pool and wildlife. I woke up in the birds of the morning and in the morning and wondered over the bed of my bed!

Each ranch has an open air plan, so you have a full panorama view of the coast and sea.

Even the storm has a special look, but an open mind about the jungle!

Every morning, you will wipe the hot coffee or tea and put them in a small box outside the rancho door. You can start your good morning slowly when you look at your balcony as the sun rises (or after sunlight if you are a little as a lol).

To get 3 of the four ranchos, you need to walk at a distance of 5-7 minutes, but the vision is worth it!