“Land Chain Dry Goods”: store financial management manual, financial basics

I. Purpose and scope of use 1

Second, store inventory management 1

Three, store sales management 1

4, store funds Management 1

5. Store Asset Management 2

Six, Store Inventory Management 3

VII. Store Finance Basics 4

1. Purpose and scope of use

(1) Purpose

(2) Scope of use<back>

Second, store inventory Management

(1) Receipt Management

1, warehouse goods (G goods)

2, street goods (P goods)

3, self-purchasing (S goods)

(2) Transfer Management <Back>

Three, store sales management

(1) Retail of stores

(2) Wholesale of stores

(3) Shopping cards (vouchers) sold by the store <Back>

Four stores Management

The focus of store fund management is the two parts of turnover and reserve funds.

(1) Turnover

1. Realization of turnover

2, turnover of turnover

3, verification of turnover And review

(2) Reserve money <return>

5. Store asset management

(1) Fixed assets

1. Classification of fixed assets

2, fixed assets card

3, purchase of fixed assets

4, use and custody of fixed assets

5. Transfer and disposal of fixed assets

(2) Low-value consumables

1, low-value consumables classification

2, low value easy Purchase, use and storage of consumables

(3) Decoration and decoration

Store Inventory Management

(1) Inventory Division

(2) Store Inventory Preparation

1, organize goods, clean up documents, and turn in time

2, organize stores

3, post inventory notices

4, pause Receipt

5, Special Notes

(3) Inventory and on-site review

(4) Store after finishing inventory

(5) Analysis of inventory differences

Store Checklist

Inventory Store:

Chain Dry Goods: Store Financial Management Manual, Financial Basics

Seven, store financial basics

(1) Identifying banknotes

(2) Invoice management

1, basic knowledge of invoices

2, use of invoices

3, redemption of invoices

4, VAT invoices

(3) Receiving a check

1, a check

2, a check before receiving a check

3, a redemption of a check

4, how to fill the check

(4) Bank cash payment form