LeBron James Trading Card Rookie Season Fetches Record Summer $ 1.8 Million Auction

LeBron James (Photo: Reuters)

LeBron James (Photo: Reuters)

The rare LeBron James business card spent its first season in 2004 where it was awarded the prestigious award of the season and sold for a record fee of $ 1.8 million at auction.

  • IANS
  • Last Updated: July 20, 2020, 2:05 PM IST

Business Card LeBron James recently collected a record $ 1.8 million at auction, which is almost double the record number he originally went to.

LeBron's unique card came from his first season in 2004 where he was awarded the prestigious award of the season while playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

According to a report by BBC Sport, the auction has confirmed that the card is in short-term condition and is one of only 23 ever made.

It broke the previous record of $ 923,000, which he took from Los Angeles center target Mike Trout in May earlier this year.

Basketball memories of past and present teams are known to receive more valuable prizes than ever before, with former Chicago Bulls coach Michael Jordan breaking a live auction record.

Nike Jordan 1 & # 39; s, worn at its best, earned, 463,000, beating Nike's previous record of 1972 Moon Shoes.

James, 35, is currently chasing his fourth NBA title. The rest of the NBA season, which stopped in March due to COVID-19 infection, is set to be played at Florida & # 39; s Disney World Resort from July 30th.