Lemon Tree Hotels aims to hold 12,000 rooms, including 2021 end products

Lemon Tree Hotels wants to collect nearly 12,000 rooms in its products by the end of the year 2021 as part of its comprehensive plans, most of India, a senior official said.

The center of the hotel has 53 hotels in 32 companies in the three names – Lemon Tree Premier, Lemon Tree Hotels and Red Fox Hotels, on January 31 this year.

"We are very sure that at the end of 2021, we will have 12,000 rooms in most Indian homes, and now we have about 5,500 rooms and we are building about 3,500 acres of total," said Lemon Tree Hotels and Patanjali Administration Director Keswani. PTI.

In addition to India, other companies in the market are looking at Thimphu (Bhutan), Dubai and Kathmandu (Nepal).

The company has the opportunity to buy more items, which say that it is about 3,000 more rooms, mainly due to the management and renting of this period, he added.

"12,000 rooms will be approximately 20 per cent of hotel sites in India in India, when we get there, we are getting a bit of marketing," said Keswani.

Tailwinds in India also have a strong interest in the company when it comes to supplying and drying, he added.

"Therefore, we will benefit from three things – the power of the markets, the trim and the image that will come in the price," Keswani said.

Due to the country 's stability standards and the demand for tourist accommodation, the company hopes for a better price increase, he adds.

Investing, Keswani said: "We are now investing 9,000 rooms, plus 3,000 additional rooms depending on the need for capital, we will find ways to build the capital at least at risk.

Lemon Tree Hotels opened its first hotel in 49 rooms in May 2004 and operates in central hotels, consisting of moderate, moderate and hotel economics.