Lewis Hamilton is dedicated to Life & # 39; lonely, lonely & # 39; New life in F1

Lewis Hamilton. (Photo Credit: Reuters)

Lewis Hamilton. (Photo Credit: Reuters)

Lewis Hamilton said that the empty Formula One race on the coronavirus racing schedule, would be 'lonely' and not very encouraging.

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  • Latest update: June 25, 2020, 11:21 PM IST

Lewis Hamilton will launch his bid for the same record as the 7th Formula One in the world, feeling "lonely and lonely & # 39; not".

The 35-year-old British keeper is in Austria for the season on July 5 after the world championship ended its pre-coronavirus start in Australia in March.

However, a strict health protocol means there will be no fans in competitions, and that is what Lewis Hamilton understands but will not particularly like it.

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The pre-emptive driving is not going to be inspiring, it will be lonely, ”he said in a video posted by his team Mercedes.

We're preparing for the best of what is going to happen in the toughest season, I think, in Formula 1 and all of us experiencing the difficult times we have to face, and the changes we make to make it work. "

Hamilton needs one more world title to match the 7-year record set by Michael Schumacher.