LGBTQ Brooklyn – The Gay Gay Guide to Brooklyn

brooklyn promenade
The Brooklyn Promenade has some of the best views of Manhattan

More than two million people in the area, Brooklyn is the largest city in New York City – but as a result, many visitors and many Manhattan people do not know much. Brooklyn's great culture and nature are evident in the diversity of people, structures, and even languages. Many of the Brooklyn neighborhoods are recognized as ethnic places, unique cultural practices.

Brooklyn can easily looga Manhattan, most from the Brooklyn Bridge, although there are also buses and bridges connecting to other districts in Brooklyn NYC. Because of its unique location near Manhattan, and many different cultures, however, Brooklyn was central to his destination. Many local cultural changes have attracted many large open space for LGBTQ travelers.



Things to do

Brooklyn's visit is simple, as some may come back from the history of the neighborhood, for a variety of problems, most Brooklyn days are more affordable and affordable for tourists. From the Hunt & # 39; the recognized cultural heritage Brooklyn Academy Music until Brooklyn Museum and Prospect Park (for the beautiful buildings created by Manhattan Central Park), including new cultural traditions that appear in the north of Brooklyn, Brooklyn are a mirror. Last year, the Brooklyn Museum presented a wide range of amazing features including one of David Bowie, and one of Frida Kahlo.

Brooklyn's museum
Brooklyn Museum

In Brooklyn, do not miss the Ismarsburg, Greenpoint, and Bushwick neighborhoods. The art of art and music (and after the studios and beautiful, cold shops), this place is a great search for cities. Bushwick Collective It's a colorful art painting that you will find on the 4-metro station in Jefferson on the L train.

General trips Brooklyn Bridge It's a great deal, and if you are from Manhattan to Brooklyn, you can also search Brooklyn Bridge Park and large LOCATION area for the arts and crafts shopping Brooklyn Flea Market.

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Pizza in Sottocasa
Pizza in Sottocasa

Where's the food?

As the former NYC center (and perhaps the world), Brooklyn's Williamsburg and Greenpoint neighborhoods are famous for its milk. Open summer, Brooklyn Barge Bar serves cheap and cold drinks in the eastern part of East Africa. The Manhattan area is located in many suburbs of a variety of different types.

Best Mexican Restaurants Calcium It serves classes (eg fishery promotion), but there are many new and exciting things like sprouts sprouts with salsa peanuts. Do not miss the pleasure of the Divine pleasure of the best margaritas (including delicious jalapeño).

Calexico Brooklyn Restaurant
Greenpoint Food in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

They are not going to NYC without completing without pizza. Take the shoes Pizza Pizza On the Bedford Ave in Williamsburg-a lot of famous people order their marriage here. Or some bit of modern design in the night Roberta 's Pizzeria that Bushwick-modern pizzeria also feels like many as snow, but serves one of the best Pizza pizzas.

In Bushwick, do not miss a budget-friendship Los Hermanos taqueria-BYOB (bring your private bank) basic to many people day and night. They cause the torture of the site. For a small and enjoyable amount of love, the nearest Sea A restaurant serves the rubbish and other ordinary commodities and often has a DJ at the end of the week, making the same cool place to stop drinking before or after food.

Gumbo Bros Restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn
Gumbo Bros Restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn

Downtown Brooklyn, you will find a good Italian pizza Sottocasa, Beautiful food Gumbo Bros, A diet of food Habana Outbost, and a variety of different types from many oils to return to Bahn's and Berlin's boxes DeKalb Market Office.

Macri Park - A parlor in Williamsburg
Macri Park – A parlor in Williamsburg

While drinking and party

Although in many areas of the NYC area in Manhattan, Brooklyn still has a solid location in the nightlife. Brooklyn is the most prominent popular sites Metropolitan-There are all the events that take place for a long time, and pulls all night (and a special happy hour). Even in the absence of an exhibition, you are likely to push some of your favorite girls in RuPaul while you are in Metro. The only way is to talk simultaneously (and more) Macri Park; People are between these two depending on the majority of people.

Brooklyn Pride
Brooklyn Pride operates all over June 5th Avenue Park Park

Nearly, Rosemont It's a new homosexual gentleman who rarely covers the cost of covering and feels more comfortable and enjoyable at Metro. There is a large banner on the back and often drags up the shows and other events that occur on the small flats.

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HARDER Night at Brooklyn
HARDER famous celebrity (monthly) in Brooklyn

Bushwick clubs Yes yes It is the love of murder. They carry out a celebration called "Behavior Behavior & # 39; but all parties are always the same and always LGBTQ. Expect costumes, decorations, and a disco ball when you arrive. The same is the same Other places Several teams far away.

Find out more about Brooklyn, the new team 3 Dollar Bill It offers a variety of technical ceremonies and occasionally major events in the ticket. Football clubs are happy men, but teams are welcome, they have a strong political and unofficially during their stay in the team, so it's the kind of place you can easily make new friends.

Branded Saloon Gay is Brooklyn
The Salt Lake Saloon Station

In Brooklyn, there is a monthly dance event Littlefield called Be Cute– Small indoor and outdoor events that also host nightclub LGBTQ comics. The famous way 5th Ave in Park Park, bars Excelsior and Ginger & # 39; s are popular LGBTQ clubs (Excelsior for a lot of men and Ginger & # 39; s most pregnant women). Other bars in the area Government and Saloon Saloon regularly host queer events.

Hotel Tillary
Hotel Tillary hotel reservations

Where can you stay

One of the first things I've learned in Brooklyn when I moved to the area (except the fact that Brooklyn's computer access is hard!), The district should be BIG. Each neighborhood has its own color and culture, from one side of the neighborhood, can be as high as possible.

Part of this is because every passage of the NYC system will go to Manhattan except G in the train. So if you are in South Brooklyn who is looking to get out of the north, sometimes it's the fastest way to go through the Manhattan river, change to another strip and head back to north Brooklyn. It is not logical, so it is likely that the district uses Uber and Lyft to get it. When looking for a Brooklyn hotel, make sure you do some search and make sure you are in the neighborhood you want to be close.

Hotel Tillary
Tillary Hotel

The challenge and the location Tillary Hotel (World Pride hotel) a great choice for a Brooklyn hotel. Located in downtown Brooklyn, the distance to some of the best tourist attractions in Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Promenade, and Fort Town Park. The room is large and has a large open-air open space with lots of things in the board game (including the large advertising committee).

Even if you are not in the Hotel Tillary, they are on the second floor they play in a large open space and hard. From Tillary, you can easily reach LGBTQ at Park Park (Excelsior, Ginger & # 39; s), Crown Heights & Bed-Stuy Homes, and Williamsburg Clubs. From Tillary, you can only buy tickets at the 15-minute Metro Manhattan. See Hotel Tillary prices on here.

Another option, Hotel BKLYN House It offers comfortable and comfortable rooms in a modern location. Using the basement is basically a place, but is located somewhere in Brooklyn at the best Northeast, including the latest boutiques and restaurants in Bushwick. The hotel is connected to Manhattan following a direct train. See Hotel BKLYN House prices at here.

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge

• • • •

Many NYC guests may miss Brooklyn all during the NYC stay, but you can actually spend time on Brooklyn's LGBTQ survey here and never visit Manhattan! There are many cool and many things to do in Brooklyn, what makes it the best of New York City.