“Life” is coming in summer, how to prevent home electrical fires?

Because of the high temperature, the household’s electricity consumption has also increased abruptly. For home fire protection, electrical fires have become the most important cause of summer fires. Everyone must improve their fire safety awareness and guard against electrical fires.

First, don’t buy “three no” products. Electrical equipment should be installed and repaired by a qualified electrician.

Second, consciously abide by the rules and regulations on safe use of electricity, prohibit private pull wires, private electric stoves, etc. When checking and repairing household appliances, you must first disconnect the power supply.

Third, use a home appliance with a complete and reliable power cord plug. If the power cord is damaged, Replace it immediately or wrap it with insulating cloth.

Four, the light wire should not be too long, the lamp head should be no less than 2 meters from the ground, and the lamp cap should be fixed. In one place, don’t pull it to avoid electric shock.

V. Select the fuse according to the wattage of the powered device, not because of the summer electricity consumption If you change the fuse, the qualified electrician should find out the cause and eliminate the fault.

Six, don’t mess with the wires, don’t move the live equipment. You can’t be on the ground. Install switches and fuses on the neutral line. Do not connect the ground wire to the tap water or gas pipe. Do not put the wire of the clothes on the wire to prevent the wire from touching the wire, and do not wear clothes or hang on the wire. Prevent plants grown in the home, such as vines, trees, etc., from touching the wires.

7. Educate children not to play with electrical equipment such as wires, lamp holders, switches and motors. Parents should remind Do not play near the motor or transformer. Do not fly a kite near the wire. If the kite falls on the wire, it must be handled by an electrician. Do not yank it hard to avoid power failure and electric shock.

8. Do not touch live equipment with wet hands, do not wipe live equipment with a damp cloth. Move live objects on wet ground or wipe live appliances with a damp cloth to prevent electric shock.