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This is a Hunter Podcast event and we are joining other non-Joanna Wood! For many years of experience, a very active company, and a re-design, which is better to talk about the future, current, and inner future of Joanna.

In our discussion, we talk about some of the basic buildings of Joanna and how history and coalitions play an important role in the new system and new locations. We talked with specific projects that worked, especially near the renovation of the King's Library.

Joanna gives us a great idea about what she has helped to keep in mind about years to come up with some of the details of business secrets and tips!

Joanna focuses on the importance of communication in and out and makes having a strong working best. We also find a small article about Joanna especially dedicated to the media, design, and space.

For all this and more, be sure to listen!

Key Points:

  • Joanna 's early program for the King Library.
  • Joanna's method takes when he's hungry in the brain.
  • Changes in the last ten years of interior design.
  • The last view of maximalism, interior and color interior.
  • Review the early history of the centuries.
  • Increasing the likeness of the favorites and the courage of the consumer.
  • Joanna's trade classes have studied in recent years.
  • The importance of a strong team and a good relationship.
  • How Joanna brings her personality and personality to her.
  • Where and where to help Joanna felt inspiration.
  • Some of the major obstacles Joanna met with her business.
  • Go & # 39; the best and the worst of Joanna's doing it back.
  • Future prospects for Joanna and her company.
  • The water cycle of Joanna!
  • And much!


"I like to present options and I also like to organize myself all the time." – @joannawooduk [0:03:59.9]

"There are now centuries for centuries and there are some generations of rubbish." – @joannawooduk [0:11:49.4]

"I love the old Greek purity." – @joannawooduk [0:12:55.2]

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