Lithuanian warehouses converted to DO Architects for a large, efficient and efficient housing

Vilnius, Raugyklos, Lithuania, a local warehouse, has been transformed into a beautiful building with Studio Studio, including a rehabilitation project.

In addition to improving the landscape and better use of space, this unique project is designed to clarify the low cost structure to renew incentives for new positions by reducing the thinking and theories. Now, such buildings as Vilnius revive a number of ways ahead of their adoption when they seem to fall.

This section is particularly relevant because instead of selecting a warehouse and simply restarting a new structure that has just started, the building team has chosen to use the powerful construction of the existing facilities. For example, a space vacuum around the warehouse has been transformed into specific locations for specific locations and public openings for underground houses that promote the co-existence of these areas.

In the second part, a draw was created by the flowing flats flutter rather than outside space. Your chubby are still has the ability to open the rally, however, the direct style for shared sharing space, which is beautiful and comfortable to be introduced though it is not part of the unit alone as the others.

Some of the storage units that blocked the timetable and did not show a lot of fabric and tear can be seen from the entire building, with its new purpose sensing to the reality of the project. For example, concrete and durable ceilings are now an important part of the entire sporting gym. The new walls are also built, which looks like a mirror glass that creates a dramatic play made of solid essence.

In the public areas outside the cells, green green porches are available through high-altitude walls, where the sun's floods come in freely and indoors in the interior. The idea here was to allow the family life to add the sense of the ordinary season of their everyday life, as their normal work is in their environment.

When you enter any home, residents and visitors are welcome in many windows in each unit, continuing to live in harmony with the environment. Do not share communal areas in each of the sections, which are designed to act like every heart of each house thanks to the purpose. Apart from this place, other places, in a bigger apartment, may be different rooms in a fairly open space with free space.

This is how the upper rooms protect against the effects of bed. In these chapters, you will find in the kitchen, cooktops, and many community sites to be a permanent place to allow free movements that exhibit distinct variations to distinguish the "room", rather than the real distribution for breaking rooms.

There are still high floors, each unit is composed of small buckets, which is a large area of ​​the courtyard. This will make the highest levels of construction as it increases the size of each individual home and increases the interdependence of both inside and outside.

Given the consumer, a great strategy is in the warehouse of warehouses and heat available inside each sector, which is totally purposeful in the designs. On the outskirts, residents are experiencing an original factory equipment, primarily metal shafts, glasses, and elaborate templates. However, however, the constant amount is adjusted to the wooden details and even a heavy wall of wood, which is due to the position.

In each unit, designers have chosen to include expensive artificial pieces, especially for local artists. These are set in a very informative and strategic way, but also important for the design of each home and the experience of residents in those areas. Designers were hoping people would be able to enter the art regularly, describing their worth.

At the end of each home, the first true definition is found in a colorful form. This will help keep the house going to feel open and light but still holds a lot of space, toilet and bedrooms, in particular. The toilet is found through the dark glass doors and brightly lit, while the bedrooms are accessible to all possible configurations, unlike other places. They hold firmly to locate residents to complete their biggest task: rest.

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