Look at Russell Bierke with a 60-inch Gigantic Magic Nazaré

Australian apologized to Russell Bierke. His latest cars are clear. The 21-year-old picked up water in the early November of Nazarée's Portugal to accompany him to a great height, down from the 60-foot foot to show he was really unhappy when he entered the water.

It is not surprising that Bierke caught a great wave of Nazarene.

In January 2018, she published No 68 on the Nazaré website, continuing to cross the storm, making the official Guinness World record. Gabeira made a sign on her "vibrant" woman (women) – "women," but that was not really the biggest breast, even even close.

Brazilian Rodrigo Koxa beat Garrett McNamara's 78-foot record as well as at the Nazaré stadium, following the 80-story nature, from Koxa's Biggest Wave Biggest Wave and Guinness World Record books .

Even though Bierke does not have a rifle or a bicycle, it is still remarkable to swallow the 60-kp back to the other side. Bierke joked on Instagram's web site and said he has made it beautifully the other day. "The truth was the bigger swing in the season," said CoastalWatch.com.

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