Looking for the Coronavirus-Safe Outdoor Movement? Go to Search (Solo) Motorcycle Bicycle

Tired of going to the coronavirus boat yet? In fact, staying at home and working out of your bed all day is great – until snacks are over, and having a snowy winter day makes you sick outdoors.

Good news: Getting some fresh air and exercise is still possible, even useful, despite the engagement of volunteers and community decision & # 39; doominta be applied to reduce the spread of the epidemic coronavirus. And as many bicycle owners and even several city governments will tell you, one of the best ways to do that is to walk the bike. If you need to go to the store or some exercise, put your bike is a good idea, supermarkets and local bike is ready to help.

Across the country, bicycle stores are open even with most other businesses closed. At first glance, you might think that cycling is not a high priority during a disaster. But according to one of Los Angeles bicycle shoppers recently shown on Instagram, bicycles are more than just a fun and fun tool. Many people rely on self-driving, and now they use bicycles as a form of no-travel public transport. In the meantime, many people ride part of their careers – just think about who is going to bring your bicycle for lunch.

"We try to stay open to the community to serve the community," said Peter Vermeren, owner of the store & # 39; Coco & # 39; s Variety Store & # 39; based in Los Angeles, said in the video above. We think cycling is important, especially at times like this.

The Bicycle Shop in Orange County, Calif., Points out that climbing is the best way to get some fresh air and exercise without the germs: "Bicycling outside is one of the best ways to disrupted by social disruption. "

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In the interest of keeping our customers, employees, families and communities healthy and safe, we postpone the annual spring & March 39 calendar event on Sunday, March 22. When we are clear and do everything. Be Normal, we will have a new date to throw one party song to celebrate. Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support for all that. Ultimately, we are here for you. Both routes are open during regular business hours. For everyone's safety, we continue to destroy & # 39; s at the top of our stores. We also ask that customers and employees stop their distance and avoid handshaking, handshakes, etc. Please let us know if you would like to meet in our park to discuss a specific bike or other product, and we will set it up. We happily offer the closure of everything you need to get out and ride, and free pass and pickup bicycles that require work. We can also bring a new product or bike that has just been repaired to your door, or we can take the broken one to one of our areas to install it again ASAP. Please call or write to one of our sites with any questions or needs you may have. We are here to support and help you, and keep you from riding all of these things – because riding a bicycle outdoors is one of the best ways to disrupt the social chaos. Whenever our trails are dry, we will have an amazing dirt ride! . . . # covid_19 #localbusiness #socialdistancing #bikeservice #pickupanddelivery #curbsideservice #thepathbikeshop #thepathbikeshopliveoak #lovethebikeyouride #localbikeshop

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From New York toward Wisconsin and beyond, the shops are going through a series of major layoffs – including sanitation and customer segregation workers – to keep people from walking. Government officials and health officials are beginning to follow. Cities such as Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Berlin have proved that bicycle shops are an important service. This means that they are allowed to remain open even as strict measures of social isolation are introduced.

Cycling has always been a good form of exercise and outdoor exploration, and the Covid-19 has yet to change that. Of course, be sure to check with your local health authority for the latest guidance before leaving. As usual, remember to stay away from others, and get advice from Arnold Schwarzenegger, who posted this helpful PSA during a trip last week:

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