Love is love, relationship is relationship

Before going to sleep last night, I saw the article shared by the bottle sister, “Love is love, relationship is relationship”, the first reaction is very happy. Happy bottle sister has a share of articles. The second reaction was shocked by this topic. Rather than being shocked, it is better to say that there is a little bit of guilty conscience. In fact, I do not know. I opened it several times. I don’t know if I didn’t read it. I still don’t know how to read it. Anyway, I thought about it for a long time. I remembered a lot of things in a flash. I told my bottle sister that people are always thinking. It is confusing. Love is love, relationship is relationship

Love is love, relationship is relationship. This is the case, the relationship is the relationship, the others are others. Once my grandmother was sick in bed for a whole month, Haitang looked at people in a small room every day. Everyone’s face showed a different kind of thing. When you are facing life and death every day, when you are thinking about life and death every day, when you want to live and die every day, there will always be a lot of thoughts in your mind. Plus, there were more things during that time. There is helplessness, helplessness, and overwhelming, but more should be to see what you really want and should cherish. Love is love, relationship is relationship

In many things, the best thing to do is to have a relationship, a true relationship. However, people are always more emotional than rational. Many times, it is counterproductive. A person’s idea does not represent the ideas of many people. The way a person is a human being can’t replace everything. In the past, I always felt that the way a person treats friendship and affection is also a way for one to treat love. Later, I found that all of this was one-sided and there was a strong irrationality. Teacher Hu once said that there is no love, nothing is. Of course, Teacher Hu also said that love is love, love is not love, and there is no need to hurt each other. Yes, I still appreciate the words of Teacher Hu. But Teacher Hu gave everyone a friendless love, but did not leave it to someone. All this, as he said, friends and friendship are all afterwords. All this has really become a story. Love is love, relationship is relationship

There was a time when Mr. Hu’s words made Haiyan think for a long time. All of this is different from all her previous encounters. Of course, from the beginning, she also wanted to maintain the relationship that should not be forgotten in another way. She is not the extreme child in the teacher’s mouth, but she seriously regards the teacher’s words as what she said to her, and listened to it. She feels that all of this is very different. Probably, there is always a buffering phase. She must be a serious child, a sensible child. Love is love, relationship is relationship

A lot of times, we all want to keep the next so-called relationship. But after a long time, many times, the power of one person is obviously not enough. Of course, everyone’s initial thoughts are still there, and later, it’s just that. Still the old saying, the beginning has never changed. I still want to live my life as I want it. I don’t know what the outcome will be, at least the effort to get rid of the greed. It is estimated that after this period of time, it will be completely liberated. So as you move towards a new role, you will still feel all the encounters and old people.