Lower House Where You Are Income In and Out of Income

A street in Akashi, in Hyogo, Japan, is the building of the building Yousaku Tsutsumi of the Arbol building. It has a 81-meter-double layer of three-storey building.

Check the door for the door

They were looking to make their business wind, sunshine and lifestyle, as the house is surrounded by jungle. If not invoked with privacy, the following characteristics, patterns integrate homosexual life and eliminate barriers between in and out of the way, to feel uncomfortable in the world of luxury of home.

Black fires
Small garden room

As the natural light, the design takes the direct sunlight and the light of the wall of the wall. At sunrise, from unexpected spots as the light in the sunlight flows through the trees, flatting in the winter chambers

In the environment, the house is closed, which wants to give it a secret to residents. The plan was created to create a sense of warmth, with a rich vegetable.

Dinner room
Food in beautiful wood
A light kitchen
Lighting rooms
Night vision in the dining room
Night vision at dinner
Night vision of life
Night vision overseas