Luxury Lake Lodge created by Ward-Yonge Architecture to provide an old family

Lake Tahoe in California, the Luxury Lake Lodge has recently completed Ward-Yonge Architecture to seek a very good holiday home and may help them share common, favorite and vibrant experiences.

Designed for a beautifully decorated, wonderful home stone in northern Tahoe itself. Taking up to 8,900 square foot, its traditional cultural movement allows guests to enjoy beautiful and lively wood views from every room in the house. The place is adapted but it is enjoyable where it will be strangled, while the atmosphere in the home is big but comfortable.

It boasts five bedrooms, five fires, four car parks, and more than one outdoor space, and the house is equipped with all guest guests. The intermittent centerpiece of the one-dimensional layer up to the other is a unique look at each other, but not as hard as the main major terraces that can easily get swim in the water.

On the outside, the house is made of vermin vermon in the form of perfume, high humidity, and external stone, although it is common in the area, it is the breath of this shape. The large wooden backyard was decorated at the door, the door to the door was decorated with the doors with detailed details of metal shaped metal structures. The choices in this home are contrary, designed to illustrate old-fashioned art galleries.

Part of the appeal of a natural home furnishings must be adorned with beauty and the management should not interrupt the views of other nearby areas. It is suited to the appearance, but, when you have a look and become famous in its structure, you are not able to avoid creating a structure that is made up of different parts.

The same subject matter to you is one that is meaningful. The rabbit feels really impressive in the area where the guns collect a warm welcome. Decorating decorating and decorating the arts craft creates a combination of colorful and fashionable designer designs from the beginning of the year.

Located on the staircase, many covered bedrooms have been covered with a soft pillow and every guest feels like a royal host. Although the fact that most of the cosmetics are matched to the tastes of the adult, there are things like, such as the wooden crown jewelry made by bridges from one wing on one side of the other, on each side with metal iron suppression as a castle, is definitely to strengthen even the least visitors.

Photos by Vance Fox Photography