Man can add 6 in Florida Yoga Studio, Dila 2 and then himself

A man rode Tallahassee on Friday night, Fla. He shot and killed six people – two wildlife – before killing himself, police said.

The police called the studio, Hot Yoga Tallahassee, shortly after 5:30 pm. "When they arrived at the scene, officers received many victims of amputations," Michael DeLeo, chief of the Tallahassee Police Command, held a press conference Friday evening. The assassin died when the soldiers arrived.

He added that several victims were taken to local hospitals, with some major trauma injuries. All injured people were not shot; One was a pistol. Police did not immediately release the name of the gunman and said they did not know the purpose of the attack.

"All the problems are this is a person's act, no immediate threat to our society," DeLeo said. "Obviously we were all disappointed and surprised at the events that happened."

He later said that there are "signs that many people inside are fighting and trying not to save themselves but other people, that is a testament to their courage."

Yoga class is designed to start at studio at 5:30 hours, according to Tallahassee Democrat

"My public work in my work is in the worst condition," said Scott Maddox, vice-president, post on Facebook. "This is the worst thing, please pray."

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, of Democratic Republic of Congo Ron DeSantis, governor of the state of Florida, said tweet Friday evening that he was deeply thanked quick implementation of emergency in response to the shooting of yoga center in Tallahassee today. "

"No action is a weapon of violence," he added. "We have close relations with law enforcement officials and will come up with a resolution tonight."

In tweet, Mr. DeSantis called for "comfort" news, adding that he and his wife, Casey DeSantis, "were praying for the victims of their lives so much that they were taken seriously tonight and those who were taken to the hospital."