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One of the most influential men in football, Gianni Infantino, has long been known for the world's most famous sporting events. The public, the sports manager raised the rules for reducing debt and preventing the highest clubs with wealthy owners to use their assets to win the game.

In particular, he sometimes took a line line.

Thousands of documents relating to leading clubs have shown that infantino was involved in discussions leading to two of the richest residents in crisis when they were having problems with governing economics. These regions, together with the football governing body of the European Football Confederation of Professional Footballers' Organizations (UEFA), have offered Manchester City to England and Paris. Germain of France looga to avoid punishment, including a ban on competition.
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Infantino, 48, is currently president of the International Federation of Football Associations, or FIFA, which oversees the world football. Since 2016, he was the UEFA general secretary. From 2014, the UEFA Commission has accepted that Paris St. Germain and Man City can evaluate financial contracts above the expectations of independent experts by UEFA researchers. Paris station Germain was involved in hundreds of millions of euros, Manchester City's ten million euros, documents showing.
"Football Leaks" documents (including the related story), including emails, contracts and exhibitions related to clubs, were found in the German edition of Der Spiegel published by the Prime Minister in collaboration with the European Research Association, the International Media Conference ah In the past 10 years, there is an unannounced overview of the UEFA investigation of both financial groups, settlement agreements and participation in Infantino negotiations.

Man City is part of City Football Group, a large majority of Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, brother of Abu Dhabi brother. The story is the United Arab Emirates vice-president and has football football, which includes American, Australian and Uruguay clubs.

Paris St. Germain belongs to Qatar Sport Investments, a state-sponsored charity established by the Qatar Emir Sheikh Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani. His country has spent billions of dollars for hosting FIFA 2022 World Cup.

Under the Financial Fair Play rules of UEFA, teams must be transparent about the income and expenditures in large amounts. The rules are designed to encourage clubs to live up their style, prevent the richest owners from winning the rival team, with a strong competition to support the fans. Rules include restrictions for club clubs. It is intended, among other things, to prevent the club looga of credit or subsidy limited limited warranty through agreements with organizations take the relevant owners. In short, corporate offices must not pay more than the market rate to support a club.

Man City and Paris St Petersburg Germain, the UEFA Clubs Financial Control Body (CFCB), which oversees the Financial Fair Play rules, has agreed that clubs can gain revenue from the Emirati and Qatari in the distance of independent competitors who have hired UEFA to evaluate contracts, such as reports of research reports, settlement agreements and other documents. UEFA's investigators endanger key stakeholders linked to the group's owners, the documents reveal.

With Paris St. Germain, the UEFA Club Control Financial Body allowed the group to evaluate the agreement they signed with Qatar's Qatar Tourism Agency, a government-funded, € 100 million yearly. Nonetheless, independent CFCB advisors told QTA's market value of several million euros a year or less, the documents show.

Man City, UEFA has allowed the club to buy three times more than some of Abu Dhabi's independent experts who think the sponsorship deals are worth it – about £ 20 million a year.

These systems helped to increase the club's revenue, allowing them to comply with UEFA rules that limit the group's losses. That has helped teams to take tens of millions of players as long as they are able to do it.

Paris St. Germain claimed that compliance with the Fair Fair Act was "an example". Executive vice president of the group, Jean-Claude Blanc, has also said that the laws of economics are used incorrectly used, "the devices looga against newcomers" of football in Europe and "to looga prevent shareholders free trade . "

Manchester City newspaper said: "We will not comment on the alleged fraudulent or stolen City Football Group and Manchester City staff and affiliates."

Qatari and Sheikh Mansour did not respond to requests for comment.

UEFA said in a statement that the organization's economic and financial fairness was "to help clubs to remain financially sustainable and to live in their own way and only to control the last event." The most important goals, he said, was to make sure that "the European football is useful (in general)."

UEFA added that the Fair Play rules are new, and that the UEFA and the UEFA have not been officially registered. He added: "UEFA is confident that any visible changes may seem obvious and some have been deleted as the system has improved and has become well known in all sectors."

FIFA, responding to water issues in Infantino, said the Financial Fair Play goal is "promoting the European financial management level, to reduce the debt, and the clubs are working their foundation, to run as a sustainable business. "He said the laws were" a story of economic success in European football. "

According to the documents, Man City and Paris St. Germain denied the accusations by UEFA that their agents are on the verge of a two-year contract. The clubs also argued that the financial value of the sponsor was sponsored. In April 2014 of the UEFA investigations, Manchester City said an evaluation by UEFA's specialist who said the group is linked to the key shifts in the "wrong facts and evidence."

The issues arose during the UEFA's ongoing audit of the club's financial situation. UEFA's control and settlements were agreed in 2014 and the two sides there is no group of clubs qadarineysay UEFA regulations, and the two sides have agreed to resolve differences looga resources to avoid possible legal costs.

UEFA said in its report: "When the circumstances of the teams pay and balance their books, only a contract, a contractual agreement has always been the preferred solution." In such cases, the focus is on limiting revenue from football.

Infantino, a very high picture, length, length and totality, always comes in groups of negotiation following the rules of the economy. Ferran Soriano, manager of Manchester City, insisted that he and Infantino agreed to train Manchester City and UEFA lawyers "to negotiate a settlement more than a caution and be considered as effective. great on the MCFC business (Manchester City Football Club). "

Soriano did not respond to requests for comment. FIFA, responding to Water Infantino, has not talked to Soriano.

The documents provide an impressive view of the business of private individuals and government-sponsored Gulf businesses, where the limited media audit, even when their investments are increasingly affected by the impact of Britain, Europe and beyond. The documents also provide evidence that one of the major issues in the football world.

The two clubs claim that the two clubs have benefited from their low-cost contracts, and they urged UEFA to stop. Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain Germain helped them to compete for England and France, and to qualify for the Champions League.

Spanish Football Federation president Javier Tebas said last year that Manchester City and Paris St. Germain have received a "government subsidy" which is "critical of European competitions, creating a realistic possibility of damaging football markets". Last month, Tebas reiterated Reuters that investment agreements were received by the state over the market value of other markets. "It's about the impact of the transfer market in European football," he said.

Man City and Paris St. Germain rejected the allegations last year, saying the clubs have followed the Fair Play rules.

A knowledgeable UEFA system has confirmed that independent experts have told UEFA that the 2014 management cost of key securities is lower than the value of these groups. Allow some clubs to define the rules, this person says, finally, the normal supporters, who pay the price of the ticket tickets, can be "damaged."


International football skills have been transformed into financial gaps, with a flood of television rights as well as door shots and other sources. The revenue from European clubs has tripled in 2000, according to the UEFA report published in January, reaching 18.5 billion euros in 2016. This is the biggest footballing event in the National Football League, with analysts some around $ 14 billion 11 billion euros). European players are growing in the United States due to the hosting of the 2026 World Cup.

But clubs also face a huge deal, especially to buy star players, who spend about 10 million euros for the transfer fee – to pay just one club to allow a player to contract. convert to groups. The highest price for the purchase, star players can order hundreds of thousands of euros a week.

With many teams failing to defeat, UEFA has issued its Fair Play financial rules in 2010 and began to assess the club's performance in 2013. Clubs are most likely to pay the club fees that do not exceed the rights of the television, penalty, financial reward and reward. Since 2015, clubs are allowed to lose more than 30 million euros for three seasons, because they should not be able to finance quickly or with a wealthy owner. Before, when UEFA failed to comply with the rules, clubs were allowed to lose 45 million euros for two years.

The goal is to continue to compete with a large number of European teams for a long time.

Infantino, born in Switzerland, speaks seven languages, including Arabic, who are eligible as a lawyer. He became a key leader in the new policy. In early 2014, he told media media that the rules were designed to protect European football "against economic, intellectual and financial costs," according to the UEFA website. He also warned against the clubs that the organization is not afraid to take any necessary steps to safeguard the game and to maintain the integrity of its competition.

The rules require players who want to participate in the UEFA competitions to submit information about their finances. In 2013, UEFA is in control of part of the financial control committee, and has begun to question the accounts of Man City and Paris St. Germain

With Paris St. Germain, the most important issue was linked to the Qatar Tourism Agency, the government of the state. According to financial contracts between hey & clubs, Hay & Co has agreed to pay Paris St. Germain between 700 million euros and 1.125 billion euros for five, depending on competition performance.

According to the Fair Fair Play rules, it is important that the QTA has a "same group" for the group owner. If so, the UEFA rules mean that the group can only recognize the market value of a contract for its evaluation pursuant to the Financial Fair Act.

UEFA's investigators have concluded that the government's tourism industry is related because of the company's own company Paris. Germain, Qatar Sports Investments, would probably have another Qatari State – the Ministry of Finance.

Investigators issued a proposal for a preliminary introduction report, dated April 16, 2014, for pre-trial investigations by the Financial Control Board. He said QTA's Qat Traffic Service appeared "substantially spread." Reuters have not been able to go & # 39; to get the version released. The draft law says the sponsorship rights were deserved to be a "small piece" of 200 million euros in Paris Saint Germain in the year until mid-2013.

The draft plan says external experts who value the investment agreement at a time of around 3 million euros or less. One of the specialist advisers was Octagon, sports marketing and investment consulting in the United States and international offices. According to the UEFA survey, Octagon said that the contract was not entitled to the tourism industry to show the player's financial statistics – the rights that most companies pay for the most money. However, the QTA plan was "the largest deal for commercial football in Europe," according to the Octagon newspaper.

Ask him to comment on the questionnaire sent to the eighth UEA. UEFA has not commented on its October report.

The opinion of the UEFA researchers was that in Paris Germain does not include all sponsored QT funds as set out in Financial Fair Play rules. But with the money, the club has been submitted to PSG's documentation, it will cost them the risk of banning the competition.

"The evidence confirms that the PSG agreement is intended to fulfill the obligations of the" Fair Play Play "," the statement stated by UEFA. He added that as long as he "has some contractual contractions … the biggest goal of PSG's contract is, however, the PSG club's financial performance to get the club to the squad."

According to the draft statement, the sponsorship agreement seems to have not been seen "any substantial bargaining (or, of course, any bargain)."

The club's vice-president, Blanc, said that they may have to respond to Suarez's claims that UEFA and the Octagon did not apply for a contract because the QTA contract was a "national name" contract to encourage a country, rather than would be an agreement.

The UEFA study team report suggests that if investigators are unable to reach an agreement with the club, UEFA Chamber of Adjications must make Paris Saint Germain violate the rules and enforce disciplinary measures, including the possibility "This kind of effort will be one of the United States excluding one of the American football soccer teams after the season's season and Super Bowl.

Since early 2014, Infantino has participated in the mediation between the club and the UEFA Club Control Body.

Asked in September he would retire from clubs such as Paris St. Germain on the Fair Play final, Infantino said he helped to produce the rules, but he did not. "We are happy to present it," he told Reuters. "It's not like & # 39; hard or # 39; it's hard; we have a sick leave. I'm involved in ideas, laws and so on."

FIFA said in a statement that UEFA's governing body – including Infantino General Secretary – can help with the Group's Financial Relations. "This may include discussions, meetings, help with finding solutions, and other interaction to help them deal with CFCB," said FIFA. He added: "However, the CFCB is totally responsible for the" go "of their own.

UEFA also said that its Financial Control Body was responsible for overseeing the Financial Fair Play regulations and was "an independent option." She said the UEFA administration would provide CFCB's staff, infrastructure and support management, "acting in a different direction," but settlement agreements are the result of the negotiations between CFCB investigators and associations. The Financial Controller Board said that they could not comment on its reasons for confidentiality.

In 2014 the Confederation of Intelligence, the UEFA Club Control Financial Body agreed that Paris St. Germain can include 100 million euros per year on the QEA Financial Fair Play evaluation, if the terms of the contract have been changed. Despite being less than the QTA contract, it was more than just the price gained by the UEFA's independent contract.

These terms were not disclosed to UEFA or the club. In contrast, UEFA has announced that the club has agreed to limit the cost of buying their players and raising their losses to meet the UEFA rules for the end of the 2016 financial year. UEFA also In the case of a fine, it will be restored if the club have faced specific action, including suspension and the sale of players. In 2017, UEFA claimed that Paris St. Germain adhere to the requirements and meet the objectives of the settlement agreement.

In 2014, UEFA said it had contracted a contract with a fair amount of evidence "significantly lower than the one submitted by the club." However, the ban did not specify the value of that price. And they did not specify the extent of independent experts evaluating the contract to evaluate.

The agreement was not an international contract between the UEFA. A few weeks before the deal was signed, chief executive Brian Quinn, a senior English bank manager and former football governing body, dropped his roles. According to a person familiar with the matter, Quinn told his friends he was unable to agree to the deal. Germain because he considered "very loyal" and was awarded the penalty of breaking. On the contrary, the settlement was approved by the head of the new executive investigation; Quinn was a member of a screening test until mid-2015.


For many years, Manchester City have been playing in the shadow of the most successful teams in Manchester United, have struggled to stay in the first division league. Afterwards, in 2008, Sheikh Mansour of UAE controls Man City and has begun to change. With the new players, the club has won three times in the Premier League over the last 10 years.

After financially enforced financial rules, UEFA has started a regular inspection of the club's financial resources. She chose to stay close to Manchester City and Paris St. Germain

According to the latest report released by the UEFA Club Body Financial Body Body, Sheikh Mansour has had a "significant impact" in two of Manchester City's Abu Dhabi companies. The report found that the money paid to the sponsors was three times the value of the market.

The UEFA referee believes that Man City has lost 233 million euros during the two-year ending on 31st May 2013, when the team changed the necessary investigations, including key referees of the market value of the market value of the audit committee. That was 188 million more damage than the UEFA regulations, the report said.

Like Paris St. Germain, the report suggests that the Communications Center, part of UEFA, must have Man City break the rules and impose disciplinary measures, including possible barriers in the competition, unless the team reach an agreement with investigators.

Man City has said UEFA investigators have rejected the claims claim that Abu Dhabi's funds are linked to related parties or that investors are paying the money. The team filed in April 2014 the allegations against UEFA in order to comply with the rules and to accept good faith and correct explanation of the rules.

Infantino was involved in the abuse. He was prepared to meet Ferran Soriano's head, May 8, 2014, because Soriano describes as an email as a 'confidential' & # 39; London event to try his final contract. He did not respond to requests for comment.

It's not exactly the same. But after that, the UEFA Financial Control Body rejected a plan to persuade Manchester City to convince them.

"Unfortunately, it has been revealed that the Investigating Committee will conclude that the jobs are still far from agreeing to a settlement, and I regret it," Infantino wrote to Manchester City's Khaldoon Al Mubarak on May 12, 2014.

However, four days after the agreement has been agreed. Man City did not get what they wanted. However, under the terms of the deal, the UEFA Clubs Financial Control Body agreed that in 2014 and for the next two years, Manchester City will have two deals with the Emirati deal worth € 26m more than the "cost value" of experts in UEFA.


UEFA's position in Paris Germain have been in the last few years. In 2015, UEFA urged the team to spend 100 million euros a year from Qatar Tourism Tourism, according to the paper. The agreement between tourist clubs and tourism adds less than 10 pages to more than 60, but Paris St. Germain has yet to give QTA the right to sell her name to the club's t-shirts. This type of financing is usually financed by more than € 10m a year, according to the views of UEFA submitted by independent experts.

Other clubs are not very good. Since 2015, UEFA's administration has temporarily banned three smaller groups for breaching its Fair Fair Play laws with serious damages. One Russian Dynamo Moscow, who was banned in 2015 by UEFA Champions League season after failing to meet the rules even for the breach.

The club's control over time was VTB, a Russian bank. UEFA's investigators believe that the financial company has entered into an agreement with VTB to be associated with a relevant office, and therefore must be valued at the market value, according to the UEFA Financial Control Body. . Market prices were around 80 million euros a year less than the cost of the sponsorship agreement, said the expert on the report.

The Financial Control Body says the deal needs to be marketed to meet the Fair Fair Play rules. The team followed. This means that the group has claimed the loss of the level of adoption of the Financial Fair Play rules for three years to 2014.

Dynamo Moscow did not respond to requests for comment.

Other clubs, including Roma and Inter Milan, said media and interviews on Fair Trade Fair have taken a number of steps, including the sale of players, showing their dangerous form. AS Roma and Inter Milan have not responded to requests for comment.

Meanwhile, Paris Saint-Germain and Man City have won the high price, spending more than 1 billion Euros since signing players from UEFA, according to UEFA. In 2017, Paris St. Germain joined the club in the summer, including signing Brazilian striker Neymar, who earned € 222m from the record.

That's why some of the games are complaining, including Spain's La Liga, calling on UEFA to investigate the French team again. By the end of 2017, UEFA announced that it will open a new investigation into Paris. Germain as part of the Fair Fair Play rules.

The money went to Paris. Germain from Qatar. Second, the Octobar sports advisory, an independent specialist, concluded the Qatar Tourism Tourism Charter was significantly higher than the market value. A report released in January 2018 said in October that "it will offer € 5,500,000 as the fair market value of QTA in the middle of the year by mid-2017.

Octagon added: "Based on the type of sponsorship assets, we are not proposing the high price of summer 2017/18."

However, the Qatar Tourism Agency has agreed to pay Paris St. Germain at least 145 million euros a year, according to the renewed contract renewal.

On 13 June, UEFA announced the end of the investigation. She said that a review by the committee's audit committee's committee has made a "fair and fair change" a number of contractual contracts, but did not say what changed. The result, UEFA said, is the result of Paris St Germain's financial year ends in 2015, 2016 and 2017 are in the rules.

Paris St. Germain said the UEFA investigation team wants the club to lower its revenue from QPR's contract price of between £ 50m and £ 60million in 2017 and mid-2018, with the club competing to sell players to comply with the rules. The club also said UEFA investigators have said that Paris St. Germain will not be able to renew its contract with the 2019 contract.

After early July, UEFA said the investigator asked the UEFA Uefa Commission to review the Paris-based investigation into the case. Germain In September, UEFA announced that it had submitted the case to Paris St. Germain returned to Body Body Control Body "further investigation."

UEFA has not responded to the latest survey. However, the statement, said it was "very dissatisfied" with the rules applied and the successes they achieved. It has been noted that since the financial fairness of the Financial Fair Play has been developed there has been an improvement in the economic development of European football clubs – which generated a loss of 1.7 billion euro in 2011 to earn a profit & # 39 a 600 million euro bid to 2017.

"This system is not good enough, but all the FFP is increasingly playing football in Europe due to financial problems since its 2010," said UEFA.