Manchester United must sell three times before refereeing Title: Jose Mourinho

Manchester United can only begin to think hard to win the Premier League when they battle fourth in the league, according to Jose Mourinho.

United travel to Bournemouth on Saturday, nine points behind league leaders Manchester City and Liverpool and five points behind leaders Arsenal in the second leg of the Champions League.

Mourinho believes United are in an eight-game unbeaten run in their last three league games, and it will improve and eliminate the gap between the two clubs.
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"When you are out of the top four teams, I do not think you can talk about the league," Mourinho told reporters at Friday's press conference.
"When you are the top four, you can look at the distance, look at the schedule, schedule, you can look at the situation, time, injuries, stopping, and then you can feel it.

"But at this time we are in the top four, so the points now are to get the points we need to try to end in the end of December as we are now."

Striker Jesse Lingard and Alexis Sanchez were one of Everton's successor last week, and Mourinho has said that both players are in good condition at Bournemouth.

"Jesse and Alexis are in excellent form this week," the Portuguese coach added. "Last week was an effort they were ready to help the team.

"But now it's a different story, now, Alexis and Lingard are one of the weeks to work with the club and they are ready to play."

Bournemouth's performance, which is currently sixth in the table, looks likely to be the fourth successive five-season league run by United.

Mourinho says he does not surprise Bournemouth's constant development Eddie Howe, and expects them to compete for the Europa League this season.

"The same manager, my job," Mourinho said. "We can not say it's amazing.

"After the season was presented to the Premier League season, and to stay, they want more stability and to fight for a place in the Europa League."

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