Maruti Suzuki is in New Era by renewed security features

Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) said Tuesday that it had begun a renewed vehicle called "Eeco & # 39; with a variety of security features, including car parking and a recordable driver such as a conventional tool.

Due to the increased security features, the price increases will increase the Rs 400 and Rs 23,000, respectively.

"New devotees come up with a subsidy for automobile parking and record keeping of a driver such as the ordinary memory of all kinds," MSI said in a legal analysis.

Additional features such as the alerting alarm system, ABS and airbags are also included in the different options for selection, she adds.

"This will result in higher prices than Rs 400 to Rs 23,000 (formerly Delhi) varying depending on the features presented in various types," said the company.

Eeco is currently rated between Rs 3.37 and Rs 6.33.