Maryland University Chaos was crowned in the sports leagues

Six years ago, Maryland University announced a great festivities that made it one of the most powerful national gatherings, promising wealth and honor movement.

This week, Gambitu was hit by a tragic event in three days of intense scrutiny as the president announced his retirement, the teacher was dismissed by the chair of the board of the university.

Fishing was 19-year-old Jordan McNair's death, which came from the heat after the heat of May in May and died two weeks later.

The resulting problem became a struggle for power with economic and political pressure. On the other hand, he was a University of Maryland who was responsible for the disaster at McNair.

Finally, the weekly change of people trying to protect the long-awaited athletics program and those who feared the death of Mr. Murdoch. McNair badly damaged the college image and $ 1.5 billion of fundraising for promoting school success.

"We have politicians involved, students are upset, and people are wondering what's going on," said Mike Freiman, former president of Terrapin Club, an athletic organization.

Three wars were held at the head of the university, Wallace D. Loh; football coach, D.J. Durkin; and political chief of the Regents Committee, James T. Brady. At the weekend, Mr. Durkin and Mr. Brady came out, and Mr. Loh joined retirement at the end of the school year.

Chairman, Larry Hogan, the Republican wanted to re-elect the blue states, also went to the map. With public pressure, as university donors are increasingly tensioning and tackling its democratically conducting action, Hogan's party has asked about how the committee responded to the crisis.

The problem continued on Tuesday after the governor announced that Mr. Loh looked stunning, Mr Durkin would continue to be the teacher of the school, despite the heavyweight report on the soccer program.

Mr. Loh, who was pushing for a move to the 10th football tournament, wanted to quit Mr. It's hard, but it has been violated by Brady's board.

The Auditor General failed to honor Mr. Loh to open the fire and the fire. Durkin on Wednesday. Mr Brady fell down the next day, losing the support of Hogan's chairman, who ran his campaign in 2014.

The last maneuvering figure is based on interviews with more than a dozen people close to the process, most of whom refuse to recognize because they are not allowed to talk openly with private stories. Representatives of Mr. Loh and Mr. Durkin refused to comment.

Last week, the 17 members met with Maryland University's Baltimore University. She got Mr. Loh, Damon Evans, sports director and Mr. Durkin.

This meeting was designed to solve the problem of Mr. McNair's death and snow after ESPN In August, the program showed one of the staff who swallowed their staff and criticized players for not doing well in football.

After the ESPN report, the university stopped short two training sessions and reached an agreement on the resignation of strong coach, Rick Court – according to an article like the heroic poetry.

Mr. Durkin was hired after the University of Atlantic Coast Hot Topics for the Tenth Anniversary, which ultimately earned $ 10 million in revenues from Maryland. According to the ESPN report, some of the players have been dealt with in the form of Mr. The fact remains that the Court of Appeal was one of its first employees.

The university's screening program is officially released this week. However, the committee held control over the past week, as he met with Mr. Loh, Mr. Durkin and Mr. Evans.

The report is part of the allegations against Mr. Durkin, but also partially opposed the coaching coach – who was hired after the 2015 season, when he was 37 when he was absent. He also said he did not get enough support from the Department of Sports or University, aiming to meet the high expectations of Maryland's new conference.

"Mr. Durkin is recruiting hard-pressed circumstances and is working on integrating the competition into the 10th competition, with financial support and support from other programming programs," the report said.

After reading the report, most MPs argued that they would end Loh's presidential term. The word plan for the committee has come back to Mr. Loh, who asked for an opportunity to trigger his case.

When he spoke to the committee last week, Mr. Loh has warned that the change in leadership changes the university. He also argued that he could contribute to the implementation of the proposed changes to the report. Finally, he warned that the arrest of Mr. He had to send the camp to sad.

A series of reports from Dina and various teachers have warned of what it described as an inappropriate commission for interference. The students held a demonstration, while political leaders and even the chief executive of the university, which is an important supporter of raising awareness about negative.

When Hogan – nominated for a long record, and, if the rallies are correct, they stand to win the election and continue to hold other elections – they joined Mr Durkin's opposition The presence of the situation was unacceptable.

Mr. Hogan is not confidential about the text, according to the spokesperson. Benjamin Jealous, opponent of his democracy, called on him to be a member of the commission, though Mr. The leader is not able to do it directly to be absorbed by the misconduct.