Master says writing

Ding Ling: I was born in the early 20th century. Because of my family’s defeat, my father became a poor orphan. At that time, China was in the dark age of semi-feudal and semi-colonial, and the people were suffering in the heat. These pains can’t help but infect me, making me feel lonely, depressed, and resentful. I want to confide, to shout, to resist. So I picked up the pen and used the pen as a shot. I followed my predecessors, Lu Xun, Qu Qiubai, Mao Dun… for literary life, for the liberation of the nation, for the independence of the country, for the people’s democracy, for the progress of society.

Master says writing

When I was writing, I never considered the form of the frame, and I didn’t want to take any kind of doctrine to follow the rules. I just let my thoughts run out of my mind. I only want to keep my original spiritual touch, and not to distort the characters I love and appreciate in life.

Bajin: Why do people need literature? It is needed to sweep away the rubbish in our hearts, and it needs to bring hope, bring courage and bring strength.

Why do I need literature? I want to use it to change my life, change my environment and change my spiritual world.

My 50 years of literary life can explain: I have never played with life, never decorated my life, nor have I beautified my life. I live in my works and struggle in my works.

Master says writing

Huang Chunming (Taiwan): I think that as a writer, everyone has their own feelings and means of expression for his people and the special events around him. For many years, writing about Taiwan, the only way I used to express my feelings for this small piece of land. Just for this, once I can’t write, I will be restless and uneasy.

Master says writing

Chen Yingzhen (Taiwan): + Writing is a process of criticism and self-criticism for me. Writing is to reinvigorate those who are desperate, to let the insults regain their freedom and dignity.

I wrote about human liberation. Eliminate inequality, injustice, poverty and liberation of innocent people, and eliminate all kinds of spiritual and material oppression.

Yuraki Haruki: If you ask me where I learned to write, the answer is music. The main element of music is the rhythm. If the article lacks rhythm, no one wants to read it.

The article is like music. It can also be a combination of words, a combination of sentences, a combination of paragraphs, a combination of soft and hard, a combination of equalization and imbalance, a combination of punctuation, and a combination of intonations. Create a sense of rhythm… When writing, I will automatically turn the article into a sound in my mind, using this sound to frame the rhythm.

Master says writing

Joan DeDean (USA): Like many writers, I started writing because of my troubles and vanity since I was a child. Gradually writing into a beggar, I have been writing it down, just like a person is poisoned. When the writer does not write, his thoughts gradually stop moving. I don’t know if this is lazy, recession or indifference. But I realize that if I don’t work, I can’t think of it. For this reason, I write. The answer to this question is not very clear, and naturally there are other factors. This is what I like to do in literature, the rhythm of language, and the willingness to create my own world – in this world, I can live for a while. I would like to be able to tell others what I have seen. In addition, it is driven by the troubles and vanity mentioned above. However, writing is especially a discipline for me, a way of thinking.

Eshkiel Muppahlie (South Africa): I write for self-discipline. Once I put the pen on, I feel that I have lost my self and I am unable to cultivate myself. Culture is a binding activity, and it is with this that I have established contacts with the people of South Africa. From a personal point of view, I think that writing is a necessary way to express oneself; from a social point of view, as a professor and African humanitarian, I use writing as a means of cultural education as a way to awaken human society. The means of enlightenment make people realize that culture needs to be constantly updated, established and consolidated.

Master says writing

Adena O’Brien (Ireland): I don’t fully understand what power is driving me. The main reason is because I feel lonely. Text, reading, and writing make me happy. Writing is almost praying, first touching the writer, and then touching the deepest part of the reader’s mind. Writing is against the inaction of inaction, the only weapon to send my sense of loss.

Vigilio Freila (Portugal): I wrote to create the residence I needed;

I wrote because the wonders and charm of writing are far stronger than me. ;

I write because I think that fallacy, corruption, and injustice should not be reasonable;

I write to live;

My writing is For the sake of existence;

I write because I write.

Dalcy Ribeiro (Brazil): I write because I have something to say to people. I am very happy with the statement of things; however, many people often do not pay attention to this. And I am willing to wake it up. My infinite beauty, yet full of hunger, is perfect in my pen. As a mission, I should make this world more beautiful.