Mayborn Group Offices UK UK office created by Ben Johnson Ltd to demonstrate their value in the game

Amidst the calm and calm atmosphere of Newcastle on Tyne in the United Kingdom, a design firm called & # 39; Ben Johnson Ltd & # 39; has gone out of their way to create friendships, games, and an opportunity to enthusiastically promote Mayborn’s parenting company. Group. Believe it or not, Mayborn Group is truly the CEO behind the brand & # 39; s run by some of the best and most exciting parenting products on the market, directly by their top company Tommee Tippee. They recently found a new office space on the north side of Tyneside, in a key location called Balliol Business Park.

This new office is all part of its global growth plans and is the latest in a series of renovations planned. Just because it's not their last, however, doesn't mean it's not their favorite place yet! The designers' goal was to mirror the fun, play, and color palette associated with their makeup, beauty, and work environment and rest areas.

The first line of plans when this office was first established was the idea of ​​setting up an international center that could continuously enhance the company's employee experience in simple, everyday ways. It was also important for corporate executives to make the space “bring parenting to life”.

In short, the team wanted to create a fun, collaborative work environment where employees can be proud to work. They wanted their environments in order to attract talent while at the same time as it reflects the power of the brand image and weight, which makes it more identifiable to international looga world.

Compared to its original office, the company’s new space comprises a work area of ​​almost twice the size, with 33,000 square feet of space. This works best in line with the company's ambitions for expansion, providing a place for new employees and the exact needs that will come with increasing job infrastructure and the need for even more types. a range of abilities that occur there.

The construction of the atmosphere begins as soon as guests enter through the front doors. The designers went out of their way to build a very welcoming, high-tech, and welcoming way to attract new arrivals. The style of decoration and decoration relies heavily on the types of curved lines that mirror the company’s logo.

The brand is well-known and has a strong color scheme This is heavy on cyan, gold, and red, contrasting well with the white background provided by the walls of the area, which are deliberately preserved. and reduced their appearance to allow shapes and colors elsewhere to take center stage.

Color and style are not the only details that add personality to the spaces. The designers have actually chosen to be more creative in a way that uses a new story that cheats with unusual supplies. Probably our favorite example of this is the sparkling, glass-colored glass that also has a few glass bottles attached to the stairs.

Of course, it is an option to design an entire office on parenting values ​​and all that without providing a dedicated space for actual working parents. This is why the main floor of the office has a meeting area and, right outside the door, design a number of areas specifically designed for children to play while their parents are doing business.

The first place for these children is a playground and the second is a faux beach area full of private trees, beautiful tables and rainbow-style tables, and chairs for roofing. This place may be childlike, but its human & # 39; s human size and adults awaiting meetings are encouraged to use it most!

In keeping with the theme of the updated kitschy baby bottle, designers have made the habit of making the office look great and surprisingly illuminated by Tommee Tippee's brand from 800 beautifully colored milk bottles. . This is reflected in several private meeting rooms, each featuring different toddler activities in different locations around the world.

Each of our individual conference rooms is beautifully decorated with the most creative level, making working there more enjoyable than a typical job. In addition, each is fully equipped with a maternal and infant feeding room. Topics for meeting places include parks, American restaurants, a terrace, a tea room, and a library.

Of course, any workplace that really wants to make their office the best experience for their employees requires a vacation place that is as big as their workplaces! That is why these designers have chosen to create a universal shoulder strap with a wide area for comfort. These include colorful sitting areas, a café, and a lounge with chairs.

Leisure time relaxation is important for the company as well as their employees. For those who do not feel the need to rest at their leisure, there are televisions, pool tables, and specially equipped seating for informal groups. Sometimes these areas are even used for large group exhibitions so people can relax while informally.

All of this is happening on the floor! On top of that, on the first and second floors, there are official workplaces that are a little new and a small business oriented. They still fit in with the stylized structure presented at the reception and still follow the color scheme; They just needed called "business wing" of any office needs.

The business unit is fully equipped with the latest office technology and is laid out in a way that makes everything feel good flow. These panels show typical work areas for those who need a look-out structure, as well as comfortable living space, some fun and multi-purpose faces, and even some sound proof tents. for those who need less privacy and more focus on specific projects. Every floor of every business has happy kitchen rooms!

In addition to the colors, themes, and symbols, some things are deliberately prioritized to make sure the space is as welcoming and appropriate to the production as possible. The large windows ensure that every room on each floor is filled with large quantities of sunlight while birchwood details and large green objects (including indoor vegetation) are left blank, offering natural contrast, and creating a sense of humor. satisfied and calm.

Photos by Jill Tate