Mayfair Design District District Tour

Last week, during the London Arts Festival, I had a great opportunity to host the Mayfair Design District Band. This special event created by Westgreen Construction and the Mayfair Design District was a unique rider in some of the tops of the Mayfair.

We have a small group of 23, and every afternoon it goes on hand to walk through our latest collection and shows. Most of them are in full preparation for PAD London, so we have to see some new things.

Image Credit: Mayfair Design District

We especially enjoyed the diversity of people we were in with the group, interior designers, architects, developers and developers. So the conversation between the lunch menu and all the projects from construction and design. Westbury Mayfair invited us to meet Michelin's special lunch at Alyn Williams. The lunch table was 5pm, and there were 12 people on the table. A true sign that the day was a great victory.

James Malcolm Green, founded by Mayfair Design District, performed a fantastic work. Mayfair has the highest sensitivity of urban gatherings, and the integration of the surrounding communities must be very difficult. I am a great fan who supports the graphic design and can not wait to see what is the next plan.

We shared our travel summary for you so that you can also take a look at the special planning district.

Topic Topic

Fire scene – Sketch

Image viewer: Internal interior designer

Designing the theme Topics focus on the London Photography scene in September with a new exhibition for the London Design Festival 2018 – Blown Flame. Six of the international designers will present hands-on practical techniques, including new devices made of glass fiber Simone Crestani in the borosilicate mirror. For the first time in London, Wonderglass will present the Echo art – never saw the light bulbs in Studiopluz.

Achille Salvagni Atelier

Sahara – Achille Salvagni Atelier

Photo of Achille Salvagni Atelier

Salvagni 's carefully constructed it is thought to be popular for Marie Laure de Noailles & # 39; the signature of animal and behavioral animals. Here, the designer is located in the vicinity of the natural rocky natural landscape of the natural space and the exostrophe of Africa in the Sahara region to promote the design of modern art and modern art, which has been marked by tribal art. The festival is being held in talks with his exhibit at Achille Salvagni's Mayfair men.

West Training Center

Vincenzo de Nest (En Plein Air) – Lighting Center

Photo Scenario: Hygiene Equipment

The evening drawings of the Italian building and Designer Vincenzo de Cotiis. Most Plein Air – Farewell & Outdoor & # 39; – relates to art history movement when photographers, at the end of the 19th century, left the studio to produce overseas. Therefore, the collection refers to the date and nature of the picture, combined with a modern and unique mix of understanding.

O & A – Artificial Homes

O & A Photo Gallery

O & A London was created by Oleg Klodt and architect Anna Agapova. The design team has created an instrument that fully replaces the role of home-made products. Oleg and Anna are hoping to shed light on the features of the world, more beautiful than ever.

Gallery FUMI

Now & After – OPTIONS

Image viewer: Internal interior designer

Fumi Fumi Analysis is pleased to introduce a technology show & # 39; & Present & # 39; showing the sense of the afternoon program since its opening in 2008; The festival artists and designers will present the selection of key elements created in the last 10 years, along with new, unprofessional jobs, especially for the exhibition.

Western West

Konstantin Grcic (Sections) – Gallery galleries

Photo frame: galleries gallery

This is the third collection prepared by Konstantin Grcic in the galleries. VOLUMES is a model of the structure and the one that is different from the other collection of Grcic created. Feeling VOLUMES is, therefore, a lot of fun from the brain and side of the senses – to make things uncertain.

18 Davies Street

Craft Works – 18 Davies Street Gallery

Image view: 18 Davies Street

18 The Davies Street Gallery will offer designer designer designs, which are used for testing and testing their products and services as a basis for professional expertise and modern design. Designers and artists include Arne Jacobson, Harumi Klossowska de Rola, Mayor of Julian and Hans Wegner.

Gallery Patrick Seguin

Jean Royère – Gallery Patrick Seguin

Photo gallery: Galerie Patrick Seguin

Jean Royre was one of the French nationalities in the mid-twentieth century. He did not do well enough to cover his skills as a home decor and designer until 1972. The world quickly turned into modern smartphones, Royère easily captured the techniques he collected and beautifully decorated a novel story of his time.