Mickey Turns 90, and Machine Marketing Disney celebrations

OR ANGELES – A two-hour clock for ABC. Cupcakes car drive in Disneyland Paris. Collaboration with donkeys, including Marc Jacobs. More than 30 books, including one of the largest Taschen projects brings support.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for the Walt Disney Company. But a new focus on one of the greatest players in the world, Mickey Mouse, is something you see.

Disney uses Mickey's 90th birthday as an entertaining customer, through the promotional cross-podcasting & # 39; the company offered can be the highest level. Each company with $ 168 billion is participating in the campaign, which will strengthen the Sunday ABC's "Mickey 's 90th Spectacular." Parks theme theme will enter the following year.

The Disney system explains their efforts to narrow the reputation of the company and remind people – because Netflix is ​​deeply involved in the family entertainment, Disney is preparing to show his direct service – the Saudi Kingdom has been enjoying popular actors for ten years. Mickey acquired his first official film in 1928 in Steamboat Willie, the first Hollywood film's first recorded film.

"We wanted to celebrate how this small bet on the borders," Mr Mischer said on the phone after struck. "It's a person who sometimes fails but trying to try. Who can contact that?"

But it is difficult to find the right way, said Charlie Haykel, the other manufacturer. "We do not want history lessons," he said. "We did not want to be too much."