Miguel de la Torre Arquitectos Completion of Colonia San Angel Reconstruction Home, Mexico

When renovating this house, it has been tried to safeguard the key elements of the premises, and respect the wishes of homeowners.

The house with concrete walls and stones, which are found in the garden

Miguel de la Torre Arquitectos is responsible for the 2016 revision. The flats are located in Colonia San Angel, Mexico, Mexico.

In the middle, the stone walls and tangled concrete with the surrounding gardens around the house. The house has great spaces from where we can enjoy time outdoors, as well as large glass doors that reflect the interior light.

Terrace with sturdy stairs

Beautifully beautiful place to welcome us to the beauty of the landscape. The plunger is characterized by rustic stones, concrete walls, ceiling ceilings, and decorative folders that give a special feeling of space.

Enter floors of walls, concrete walls, and ceiling ceilings

Modern modern modern furniture, the wooden walls and the surrounding walls create a special breakthrough between modern and rustic, is a tasty and tasty place.

Modern statue with wooden floors and floors

The comfortable room, the true nature is the fire, between the concrete walls.

Life in a concrete wall

Common areas are living room, dining room and kitchen.

Modern smartphone room, floors and wooden walls
Modern smartphone room, floors and wooden walls