MitraClip: The valve repair tool provides a new treatment option for some severe mitral deficiencies – Harvard Health Blog

Mitral valve regurgitation (MR), a condition of the mold is not properly secured, and allows blood to return to the upper room of the heart, the most common heart disease. It can lead to symptoms such as cough, fatigue, and breathing problems. MRI risk increases with age.

Until recently, there were two treatments for MR: treatment and open heart surgery. During this operation, the doctor can enter the heart by opening the breast. He or she repair or replace the meter engine while the heart-pumping machine picks up the heart and lungs of the heart while the heart is stopped.

However, now we have a third choice, a new MitraClip device.

What is a mitral defect?

The heart lasts the blood of the lungs in the upper left (left left) and can shake the body through the heart of the heart of the heart (left wing). The mold is located between the two rooms. The association has two main leaflets – the next booklet and postcard postage – with technical titles, called & # 39; challenging, which depends on the heart muscle. When working properly, the letters are open to the blood to prevent the blood coming back to the left wing when the heart is contracted.

When the whiteboards are buried or scattered, the paper comes out, so the red is no longer closed. This will allow blood to come back, left behind, when the heart is contracted. This is called MR MR.

There is also a condition called MR MR. Skin malnutrition second MR, mitralka machine to separate looga can pull out his heart, as can happen with people with heart & # 39; TE, fayriliska atrials, or other heart conditions. As a result, blood flows from the center of the device. This MR form is very high.

What is MitraClip?

MitraClip is a multimedia tool that connects both front and rear mitrals. This creates the gas bridge, with two openings. Therefore, we call the valve double-valve key. The double car comes from the surgical technique which is tightened on both sides of the sheet to repair the key.

The difference is that MitraClip does not need to open the chest. Instead, a small device is inserted into the groin core. It comes out of the arteries and goes on the right side of the heart, and septum (separated from the upper extremity of the heart), on the right side of the left side of the heart. The surgeon then bans the garbage to understand the methane machine, guiding ultrasound. The whole system can be made only by a small pit of gland. A mirror is not needed, or a machine tool.

What is a new?

Until recently, MitraClip was the only FDA approved to treat MR for the first time in patients with the highest risk of surgery. In this risky situation, the risk of death was below expectations, the recovery time and the number of hospitals that were reduced, and the temperature is much lower, compared to open heart surgery. Otherwise, patients were in hospital two days after the procedure.

Then, in December 2018, published in the study New Journal Journal of Medicine has shown that it has improved the safety of patients with MR MR who received MitraClip in addition to medical treatment, compared to health care only. This is the first treatment that has been shown to increase patients with MR MR. In March 2019, the FDA approved MitraClip in the patient's high risk patient for the operation. This will allow MitraClip to be used for many people with this type of disease.

Who is applying for this system?

Achilles in the MitraClip should not completely eradicate the problem. In other words, diet may continue even after the trash. Those with MR MR that may endure surgery, surgical or replacement surgery are still the preferred treatment.

However, those at risk of surgery may be MitraClip candidates. Qualified professionals (cardiologists and cardiologists) are most likely to evaluate if someone is a candidate for this procedure.