Modern Apartment with style & # 39; Industrial Style Style & # 39; for youth entrepreneurship

These beautiful and modern buildings in Kyiv, Ukraine, are built for the construction of Ivan Yunakov, Olga Korniienko, Natali Raga, and Yaroslav Katrich, a company with 33bY Architecture. The customer was a small business, and the house had a variety of techniques.

Admission of black and gold strings

It has a space of 97 square meters in 2018. In the ground, a black color palette and a variety of materials are used, in different formats. These items include bricks, black African, stone, leather, copper, and wood. When you enter your home, the first thing we find is the walls of a black stone on the one side, and the dark side with golden jewelry on the other side. In the living room there is a kitchen, a kitchen, and a workplace.

Modern modern spaces
The soft gray area

Places are sorted through the mirror parts, looking at the boundary between the centers, but at the same time to reach an open space. The mirror structure is made using the smart glass technology; it can be changed in order to achieve confidentiality in the room.

The panel used to balance the dark tones is a clear brush with a jewelry with brazen corners. It operates at night and creates an exciting atmosphere, the most important inside of the interior, in all the major buildings of the home.

Modern products for skin
Stone wall
in the kitchen area
Modern equipment for brass details
All lunches
Modern room with garage wall
Room connected to the modern toilet
Modern modern bathroom
Modern modern bathroom