Modern Atelier Alter modern equipment provides family, comfort, and recreation

China, China, Atelier Alter's Modern Modern Technology, reflects the characters, values, and individual designs of both the design team and the finished family.

The purpose of the home was specifically for the needs and needs of the modern Chinese family. Designers strive to include tables and formats that may meet the requirements of a busy child who are looking to maintain the structure and integration of their home.

In addition, clients want to be a place to live only for their children, but also learn and get quality family-based experiences. Community locations are oriented towards connecting and producing exciting features, the ability to move freely and without being thinning. They wanted to be more welcoming, warm and comfortable.

Because the family also has an elderly living with them, designers try to make the home easier to care for. The goal was to save many places, but in secret places. They also provide priority areas for care for simple care. Around all other targets, sunlight is considered important. The family wanted a happy and joyous place where all the entire family can come together and get equal access to what they need.

In the kitchen and living rooms, the budget is large. This is meant to give members to the family to make every effort they make. In fact, even the windows were turned into an open space! This balances the length of the animal, the length of the storage, which gives the family a large number of supplies for these interventions. The main features of this can be seen in the kitchen cabinets as well as the entertainment system and the media sector in the living room.

Moving to the bedroom, you will find a vacuum cleaner for the first road. This method ensures that children have a unique, comfortable, yet comfortable place for parents. Children's rooms include things like mounting cameras mounted on the walls for many purposes to play, learn, and create.

Although the home is neutral, the designers ensure that the family has space available after the direct system of the home. The storage is high, the doors and walls come back to pockets to divide areas to facilitate the flow and availability, and clear tools such as wood and marble offer color schemes and tools that are suitable for the proper way.

At the same time, the group sought to create some sort of separation and balance in terms of design by adding a limited marginal permit. Some of the posting features are contradictory to other direct and indirect features of the rooms and rooms and provide home and exciting elements without distracting the activity and family run during their daytime. The idea, after all, was a device and cells to look directly, not sharp and scary.

Photos: Atelier Alter