Modern Guaratinguetá houses created by Ricardo Abreu Arquitetos using the beauty and durability of clay as inspiration

In a beautiful, quiet neighborhood in the suburbs of Vila Paraiba, Brazil, the creativity of designer Ricardo Abreu Arquitetos recently completed a modern housing project with slightly more cultural inspiration, called Guaratinguetá House.

In her opinion, the house was inspired by the idea of ​​using ceramics, a product of both beauty. and very strong. That idea has been honored in all the planning, design, and construction processes, so we are sure it will make more sense for us as there are so many different floors on the house or entirely made of clay.

For the most part, a beautiful wool technique is used to cover the surface of the face and face inside and outside the home. Some of the faces of the home have ceramic tile with details, as well as interior floors, walls, and details of some furniture and decoration. Because there are so many types of ceramics and patterns to use, combining this material to allow designers to explore all kinds of facial, complementary, colors, and patterns in every situation within this home.

Of course, the front of a long-term home that can weather the weather cannot be entirely made of clay! This is why the designers also chose to build more of their building using simple bricks and black bricks, modified and designed in a way that is not advantageous to the home in terms of density and durability. height, but also creating interest in color throughout the home. the side and walls of several interior dialects as well.

In terms of physical structure, the home is made up of three volumes. The first one is usually built of simple bricks, with the next volume on the surface appearing on the darker face I mentioned earlier. The three dimensions are a different look but still have a good flow and internal co-operation, keeping every part of the house from feeling the way they were arranged in a surprising way down the length of the house, really. setting low and low visibility.

The largest example of ceramic tiles in the home is undoubtedly & # 39; s not floors, this feature is common to all rooms in the home. The phones look nice and uniform but they also really have a functioning function as well; It feels good to help home and cool throughout the day, reducing the impact on the environment compared to the heating and cooling systems and make them cool a bit unusual.

As you make your way home, you may feel that there is really no obstacle, limiting the distractions between most rooms. Of course, privacy is totally given to sleeping and personal spaces, but the rest of the house is an open mind and a sense of nostalgia. The best example of this is between living room, dining room, kitchen, and leisure.

There is a clear visual definition in terms of style and function, of course, which helps to design the home to make sense and organize things. Taken together, however, there is little physical difference between the rooms and the spaces, hoping that the flow of energy, movement, communication, and sunlight travels well in the house, making every experience possible. it would have family members and visitors there.

If you are still following the existence of a gauze pillar, then you can follow it immediately outside the house, through a series of stunning door panels, and what the designers refer to as "beautiful landscapes". This is a beautiful outdoor playground and an inviting place for the community at the top of the first volume, set as a breeze. The & # 39; s wires continue on the floor throughout the door and all over the exterior, again creating a dialogue between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

The two floors (there are three monuments, but two sitting on the same floor) are adorned with an elegant, modern staircase leading to designers who describe them as "statues". This staircase has staircases and is generally a concrete staircase, consisting of a large mixture of black and white curtains. The finished product was one that was appreciated by everyone involved in the creation of the home which was really recognized as part of the home!

Outside, the house has a large flower-shaped space with a small green grass. Here, the designers built a beautiful swimming pool that, despite their size, is now included primarily for relaxation. The theme of the tires continues here, just outside the house, where the edge of the pool features a set of cool, cool rocks that add a lot of stability but comfort.

Photos by Andre Mortatti