Mole Architects seniors, Edwardian British garage of modern, energy house & # 39; Fijal House & # 39;

In the middle of the Ely Village in the United Kingdom, the UK has built new houses originally built on the lake in 1905 when the first road was laid. Now, Mole Architects' Fijal House is sitting in a modern and modern way between the two Edwardian homes offering a wonderful variety.

The house is a dressing dress, but the dress is ideal for the way it needs to look twice to know what's actually done on the facade. In the intermediate sites to make a rough guitar look, the dress creates a scary panorama of designs created by art and interpretation of older homes made of wood, made from ordinary brick.

System architecture of choice for direct placement to create the bricks out of the white facade is inspired hareerahooga other dilapidated. The shape is a stone slab on the Ely's Cathedral door! In the house, garbage is at a 90 degree angle to get a true picture.

The doorstep of the house is put in a garment, the modern cascade of a modern lens. This bag will provide you with the shade of the small pillow and the front door window. Any additional appendix appeal to the front cover, the lower lintol is decorated with a colored slip that creates a cream, green, and blue shape.

In terms of its structure, the home was created in the early stage. The ground floor and built-in walls are built using concrete towels, which have a hard and hard work to cover in the outer cover. The solar roof, especially on the south, brings the light of the sun throughout the day, spread around any of the mercury and stairwells.

The top floor of the house is located under the bottom of the living room with a beautiful interior view and a stunning look. Again, this was one of the neighborhood churches; Angles are unlinked after their nave. Domestic effect is that low-lying rooms have a realistic sense of range and many old-fashioned nature in the original state-of-the-art, but unusual home furnishings built around the neighborhoods surrounded recently.

From the beginning, naqshadeeyayaashu wanted to provide some structure in the flexible, allowing movement and activity rooms and a good potential to be used in different ways. The owners wanted space and conveniently adjusted the hosting of large social meetings but also suitable for family use, as well as the availability of rooms, especially those with special and public employment.

In terms of decor, the home appliances are easy and shy. The clay is made of marble overcast, while the walls of the walls of the walls are covered differently. High angles, floors are conveniently comfortable for bedrooms in the morning. In direct communication xarriiqyada looga against the angle of the house, outside the house, curvka easily introduced into the interior wherever possible, by including feeling comfortable.

Matthew Smith