More More More: Saint Laurent and Berge 's Style rocked once again

PARIS – They were among the most influential tastemakers of the age & # 39; Yves Saint Laurent, the youngest boy in France in 2008, and Pierre Bergé, his long-standing businessman and long-time friend, died last year, created beautiful houses in Paris , Provence, Normandy and Morocco.

"Le Yees YSL-Bergé," known as "gouta" French "flavors"), has long been drought-prone to the minimalism of minimalism in the modern world. She also breathed life in the market for antiques.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Sotheby sold for the art and elements of the latest space in Mr. Bergé. Among them, including 975 many, many joined in his life. Saint Laurent, from "One One to Another", was arrested in conjunction with a venture capital firm Berger, Pierre Bergé & Associés, who will also sell the December Library.

"The show was well done," Mr. Lordonnois said, speaking about Sotheby's entertainment. Berger's interior. "The mixing path was great."

As in the 2009 Sales Grand Prize, the latest auction of YSL-Berge have been included in the picture. From 1950 to 1958, Mr. Berge was a friend of Bernard Buffet, a French marble photographer from the powerful insurgents. Sotheby includes 12 art paintings for Mr. Berge, the most widely acknowledged member of the 1956 "Couple Nu Assis," a respected and valued cherished, € 705,000.

Overall, the One Home From To One sold out to € 27.4 million, the highest Sotheby has won the sale of French home appliances.

Bought everything. The highest price is € 2.4 million, which is called Orientalist Tour, Harem's Gate, Souvenir of Cairo, pictured in 1876 Jean-Jules-Antoine Lecomte du Nouÿ. Showing protective overseas demonstrations at the demonstration, this detailed detailed description of € 400,000 to 600,000 new dollars for art.