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The best time to travel in morocco

Morocco is a very good place throughout the year. In the mountains, mountains, and earthquakes, it is an unusual country that offers something special to see every time of the year.

If you are outside the easy easy Sahara or Afro-vacation holiday – here is the best time to travel to Morocco!

Riad Yasmine, Morocco

January and February

Although he is lamadeg, Morocco can get a little bit special, especially since Atlas mountains surrounding. January is the fastest month, with high levels of 50 to 60 degrees, but most days are sunny and light.

The best part of the trip to Morocco in the beginning of the year is to have the highest levels of exercise throughout the country. Marrakech luxury shelters reduce prices, and you do not want to negotiate for a very good deal on a short trip to get Saharah grass.

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March and April

In March and April, the Moroccan earth was transformed into the sea with flowers and flowers. It is the best time of year to visit if you want to take a tour of the country's travel schedule.

Another fee is that the high season has not yet started. You will find an easy time to search for hotels and hotels as well as many of the highest levels of Chefchaouen.

One of the key features of the visit during March is International Festival Nomads. In March every four days, these parties combine music, theater, story and art.

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Marrakech, Morocco

May and June

May and Jun are when they really start to heat up. The temperature reached high levels between 70 and 90 and the Morocco tourism began to pick up.

If you want to get your first home choice or stay in one of the dreams you've seen all Instagram, you will need to keep it up.

In May, you can participate in Gnaoua and Saudi Arabia events. Gnauoua festival is the music, music, the city of Essaouira while the Festivals of the world are held in Fes and promote spirituality and patience.

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Glamping on the Sahara Morocco beach

July and August

July and August are the best months to travel to Morocco, but not to be missed. Although the temperature is the highest, there is no cloud computing.

It is a reasonable excuse to take the afternoon refrigerator.

If you want to get out of the heat, go to the Morocco beach or try to cool off at Atlas Mountains. You will also need to apply for a pre-departure journey to avoid high prices.

Other things in mind are Ramadan. It's an exciting time for the Moroccan culture and culture, but holiday holiday will affect the opening hours of museums, historical sites and other attractions.

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September and October

Do you want to holiday with all the Moroccan natural holidays? Plan your trip to September and October.

The temperature begins to cool down at the peak of the year to visit the Atlantic coast and succeed in different stages. The only risk is that tourism is still high.

Avoid depression by promising travel and home improvements.

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November and December

During the winter and winter season in Morocco it is sunny and light. It is a great way to explore Marrakesh and Fes's main markets.

If you are planning to explore the coastal cities of Essaouira and Atlas's high mountains, wear warm clothes. The temperature drops at night and the snow is higher in the upper reaches. You will also be on time for the annual Marrakesh International Film Festival!

December is also the best time to hit Morocco's highest Oukaimeden Ski Resort. It's 49 miles from Marrakesh and a rental unit on that day will cost only $ 18!

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From the camp at Saharah to explore medinas, Morocco is an unusual country that explores every time of the year!