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favorite hats for travel

It’s no secret that I love a good hat! As I toured around Europe this summer – through Ireland, Italy, and Greece – I showed my fair share of chapeaus. From lawn mills to fishing gear and even fishing boats, helmets are the best way to dress up, and better to avoid some of the hard rays… and best of all – they are suitable for hiding unwashed hair!

Who do you feel me?

While dry shampoo is a life-saver, sometimes when I walk down the street or get tired of the long day of wandering, washing and wiping my hair is the last thing on my list. Bring the hat!

Without compromise, here are my favorite hats to complete any collection!

Kayla Cap


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Bali Hat

SPF Sun protection helmets

While I love a good “fashionable” hat, one of the best reasons for wearing it is the simple sun protection! Here are a couple of great options:

How do you travel with hats?

I always get questions about how I travel with so many hats. I've got a few tricks up my sleeve!

  • One: A hat hat is a good thing to put in your purse or purse.
  • Two: hat boxes are also beautiful if you have them in your place (they can also serve as a good place to store small baths when traveling).
  • Three: pack it, fill it up, and make it into a backpack and put on socks, shirts, and other delicate items.

Do you have a favorite hat this season? Please share the comments below! I am always looking forward to a new visual opening. 🙂