My music experience on your aircraft

Music was always a key part of my life. I remember my first behavior. Previously: I remember Sony Walkman. I remember my first purchase in Madonna. I remember to pull my group colleagues to play the record I never heard. I remember making all the CDs that I can get my legitimates Napster my legs in my Christmas each.

So it is not surprising that when I travel, I bring my music to myself. Traveling safety saves you from music that you will listen. But when I fly, why do we have a regular time? In fact: I've never made a plane! And I doubt you also have it.

selfie airplane - a listening to music

On the flights of the aircraft, we have other things to consider. There are films on the flight, repeated advertisements trying to help us sign up for free credit cards. On international flights, I can open the special flight information and search the door I want to listen, but it is often difficult to create a list of games on the system. The choice of music is always just the most important stage of the day, and Michael Jackson may have a few years old and always select the jazz option. Where is my music?


Music is pleasing to me. My music. Although I'm generally excited to get up in the air (I live in a good window chair), there are many feelings to move when you arrive or you are traveling. Happy to move to a new place, sadness to leave your favorite place, happiness (or sadness) to come back to your home, the stress of coming, happy to be cut. There are so many. And, like watching movies in the air, just on a plane shows all these feelings.

Music is equivalent to the experience, or the correct playlist, can strengthen that emotionally.

This year I was offered a new member of a new year YouTube music program. Unlike the T-Mobile international limited data plan, I've watched many YouTube videos beforehand so I changed my music habits through YouTube.

selfie airplane - a listening to music

The program has a number of features that make it a great success for me. But most, I was playing with Integrated image in the Music Music program. Based on your use of YouTube, it builds up a list of Mixtape with up to 100 songs based on your interests and traditions.

There are other attributes that play a list of the listening characteristics, but Mixtape is unique because it looks the same and is unique and unique in my taste.

It was a wild wildlife to see music from the Mixtape people. Instead of being a list, it is made up of different types, but with 100 songs, it is always more likely to listen to an internal plane. (Her sister, though, is not 100x "Hello" by Adele thinks how often I watched music video …)

youtube video screen

I like Mixtape's way of putting it on the basis of both my listening to my hearing as well as my exercise habit. Some music like Lizzo and Childambish Gambino and do not regularly listen to music such as muscles, because their videos are A M A N N G Enter my list of Mixtape. It's an opportunity to recover some of my favorite songs and get new ones at the same time.

Of course, when I hear a lot of YouTube implementation, our games will continue to grow.

selfie airplane - a listening to music


I like the flight. I like the names of airplanes flying in the air in a single tube with another 300 foreigners. Look at the window and see if I'm in the clouds, 20,000 feet, which indicate the lower ground. It is not magic, of course; is science.

The friend passes through the experience. When you tap on audio tapes, lift your volume, and take that minute to lose the texts and numbers of your favorite artists.

music when flying - the clouds are dreams

FIIRO GAAR AH: Even though I was offered a free YouTube-based YouTube account for my purposes, my thoughts are for me. Watch YouTube Music here using a free trial.