My Winter Winter: French Renewal

Things that are not so many things about baking are just a few minutes, something that does not work and does not work, but part of my kitchen cooker, always changing the way I cook it. It can be a new technique – a bigger or smaller one. Even a change in the sweets or the amount of candy can do something new. Changes may be moving with movement because we finally saw something; Sometimes it comes from something I read, seen, learned or stumbled, because the kitchen gods were at my club day.

Luckily I got it – I got a lot of minutes. For example, we have solved the problem of the hardest crusted coconut on the soft and morning morning as soon as I started the hot water or tea before adding dough. I drew extra flavors when I woke up the fruit of the adulter, believing or strong looking. (The best thing was when I was tired of the tears and vegetables and, jerking Julia Child, somewhere else.) When I stopped using the fatty vanilla and the salts and salt they both hit both biscuits, cakes, anything else Baking has become a lot of fun. I became more confident and uncomfortable when I was working in the morning, when I was depressed, I had to eat it for lunch: instead of cooling the bird's dough and then rolling, as I was taught – is a systematic way need patience & not. Always always – I wrapped up as soon as possible, when it was the most, and then cooled (It's amazingly slow and delicious dough.) And then there was that day Paris, perhaps 15 years ago, when the opportunity came in a dark and deliciously constructed taste of my sweetness in the unimaginable shape to review how I baked.

Traditional barriers are called lightweight. It has only three parts that appear to combine a good exercise. There is a crust, usually a teaspoon, which is almost like a short clip. There are sweets filled with cream, rich in fat and egg yolk and butter. Finally, there are fresh, bright, beautifully decorated on top.

This is classic, under the microscope screens with a length of the layer without adding three small strawberries, it was the first to taste my first trip to Paris. I walked to the student budget, and the competition, which cost more than the entire day of its treatment, has been allocated. I had one afternoon every day while in Paris, and when I returned to New York, I taught myself to be on the move. The more promises to share with family and friends, the competition became me a hearing, respecting the city with love and love that would be my home for a short time.

But something changed when, in the evening of Paris, my husband and I left La Palette, a cage near our home, I ordered the mirror of rosé and the size, slightly slowly with two fingers. What made it totally different from my first meal, but more attractive – a delicate slide with a sweet frost and a lot of fruit. Without the cream creams they are treated, berries have blocked the edges of the bucket and are preparing for the type of geometry that they choose when it is not required. This beautiful mist was out of the ordinary ground, clearly visible, totally without the principle of 'a' and a pale as every one of the tastes and decorations counted soft and delighted.

La Palette is not going to continue this competition, but I'm doing – throughout the summer, all over the summer. We make a scab (scrubber then frozen, of course) which can refer to the pasted legumes (in fact, you can use the skin to boil, boil sweet sugar before baking). And because of dough's dessert & # 39; diabetes & # 39; diphtheria is both a proposal and a fraction. I like to keep it, because I cut just as much as I want, by posting the last minutes of the dandelion dancers before you grin berries, with great gratitude and not being careful about where they live . Sometimes I leave a cream jar; Sometimes I put the fire on any service. Often, I think of the time I first saw the competition, so beautiful, so smartly thought, and so fast at the same time. Eureka!

Food: Thin sparkling