New education, “Internet +” education

The historical background of the information age is a large-scale production line that is engaged by large machines, large industries and a large number of people. The third industry, that is, the service industry will increase significantly, and the information industry will be invisible. Becoming a key resource, people who are energetic but have no education or are less educated will face unemployment. Countries with information and knowledge will be rich countries, and such rich countries will part ways with countries with poor information and backwardness.

new education,

In recent years, China’s network technology has developed significantly, and the popularity of information technology has caused many emerging industries to emerge. In addition to the emergence of consumer industries such as online shopping and online taxis, online teaching has also appeared frequently in front of people. Huhhot University Education Xiaobian learned that many students have achieved a great improvement in the content of online courses, and the online class has been accepted by more parents and students. Why can students’ online courses improve their grades quickly? there are many reasons. Below, the Xiaobian of Hohhot University Education will discuss with you the benefits of high school students learning online courses.

new education,

Benefit 1: Can help high school students overcome their timidity

Because of the task of learning and the pressure of learning, many high school students are In addition to studying with the classmates, the school will also participate in a variety of promotion classes and consolidation classes on weekends. However, I wonder if parents have found that many children will not achieve much improvement in their attendance at the same time. Where is the reason? The editor of Hohhot School of Education believes that the main problem is that children do not dare to raise their own doubts and do not know how to understand. Even if some children can boldly ask questions, but after the teacher’s explanation, they still don’t understand. They will be afraid that their classmates will laugh at their stupid psychology and they will not understand and understand. Naturally, their academic performance will not be greatly improved.

But if your child is attending an online course, there will be no phenomenon that you don’t understand. why? In the Xiaobian editor of Hohhot University, there will be no other students in the online course. Even if there is a computer screen, no one can see anyone. Therefore, even if the students ask the same question many times, they will not feel ashamed.

Benefit 2: Knowledge points that can be repeatedly understood

Why is the online class so popular, largely because it is very strong The flexibility of the students is more controlled. Generally speaking, a network class teaches a knowledge point. After listening to it, the students can still go back and repeat it after listening to it. In this way, the Xiaobian of the Hohhot School of Education concluded that there is no teacher in the online class to ignore the acceptance of a small number of students in order to take care of the ability of most students. Therefore, compared to teachers’ on-the-spot teaching, participation in online courses is more suitable for children with weaker foundations.

Benefit 3: Fast results

The students who participated in the cram school know that it is up to the tutor to improve their academic performance in a period of time. Not enough time, it will take at least two months to see the improvement in academic performance. However, the editor of Hohhot University Education believes that the effect of participating in online courses will be more prominent. Online courses are generally taught by famous teachers. There are many teachers in a knowledge point to teach, and learners can choose a teaching method that is more suitable for them. This avoids the problems of children’s learning efficiency due to the dislike of the teacher’s teaching method.

new education,

Chinese education is entering a greater transformation based on information technology. Education Internet+ means the continuous updating of educational content, the constant changes in educational styles, and the increasing diversity of educational evaluations. Internet + evaluation, this is another hot word “net review”. In the field of education, online review has become an important means of modern education and teaching management. Through the network platform, the students give teachers the education and teaching scores. The teachers give the education administrative departments and leaders a score through the network, and the administrative agencies also timely evaluate and monitor the education and teaching activities of different schools and teachers through the network big data. Ensure that every school and teacher can achieve healthy development. In other words, in the “Internet +” era, everyone in the field of education is the subject of evaluation and the object of evaluation, and all levels of society will be more likely to intervene in the evaluation of education through the Internet. In addition, Internet + evaluation changes not only the way of evaluation, but also the content or standard of evaluation. For example, under the traditional education and teaching system, the teacher’s education and teaching level is basically reflected by the students’ achievements. In the “Internet +” era, the information organization and integration of teachers, the transformation of teacher education and teaching research results, and the experience accumulated by teachers are obtained through the Internet. The degree of sharing, etc., will become an important indicator of teacher evaluation.

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