New Stage of Labor Market. Three Water & Wildlife Goes to Long Term.

Employment numbers in October are made up of everything you can hope for information on jobs.

Employers continue to create jobs in a health facility, 250,000 in October, rising upward in every important part of the world, even as the United States has struggled for full employment.

Labor standards remain at 3.7 per cent. In fact, the percentage of people working or looking for jobs is 0.2 per cent. The number of adults without workforce declined 487.000.

And employers are clearly required to pay a high salary so that workers leave the ships. Slow fluid in this range, average weekly earnings increased by 3.1% last year, from 2.8% to early reading.

Try it, this is the best time for the job market in the United States for at least 18 years and may be close to 50 – although it is a good idea to raise regular paycheck above inflation, not just a month, any the comparison of the late 1960s.

There is a reason they call economic "science complex," though, so it is appropriate to ask some questions & # 39; questions remain unanswered – and, depending on your point of view, they can make a bit care about new data.

Economists seem to divide the economy's trillion dollars on two bills. First of all, the simplest need is to get rid of it financial compensation. The Keynesian effect can be, especially during the rallies, but also for a short time.

Secondly, they create strong incentives for business to invest in long-term, productive material production. If the company's revenue tax is to be done, there will be a lot of advantages & promotions for the long term.

It is definitely looking at how the growth rate up to 2018 is often about the impact of the impact: the investment cost is not a special, and a third quarter financially – a part of the housing fund and business.

If the strong growth continues, we want to see Keynesian evolution so strong and effective. There is no evidence of the incident until now.

For a number of years, a debate is reflected in the Federal Reserve as long as it relies on the traditional financial sector's decline in employment and is therefore higher than wage and thus uses prices general education.

Most of that time, skepticism – people who want to wait until there is a strong evidence of economic inflation before trying to hit the interest rate of the interest rate – was defected.

The fact that the economy is now a healthier healthier than it was two years ago is not a small part of the Fed's movements due to the increased interest rate on interest rates. In fact, they would have quickly found Fed even managed to raise interest rates on interest rates.

But in recent months the data suggested that the Phillips Curve, a mathematical relationship between work & # 39; unemployment and inflation, has some advantage & # 39; with interestall

Include evidence that the economy is sufficiently responsive to challenges – and a The companies are willing to evaluate the difference between flight and airline flight – and for the first time in a decade over the possibility of inflationng true.

The inflation rates have been corrected in the last few years; This does not mean they will continue.

One of the key points that will help to resolve the two issues is the fact that many workers still remain standing, and they may be able to return to power workers if any wages continue and the continued work continues.