New Ten Major Relationships in Society in 2018

2018 New Ten Relationships in Society

New Top Ten Relationships

1, the next step is broken, is the working relationship.

2, if you die, you can’t break it, is a kinship.

3. When something comes to mind, is the use of relationships.

4, there is nothing to eat, is a friend relationship.

5. Have fun and share, is a relationship.

6, meat buns and dogs, is the relationship between grandson and grandson.

7, oh, is the first love relationship.

8. Frightened, is a lover relationship.

9, rough tea, is the relationship between husband and wife.

10, often send each other WeChat, that is quite unusual relationship!

 New Ten Relationships in Society in 2018

New Top Ten Awards

1, live in , struggle to buy a house in a lifetime

2, eat , prevent defensive trench oil

3. Wear , Garbage clothing flows everywhere

4, drink , Guizhou Maotai Erguotou

5, I am sick, Life savings hospital stay

6, old, >7, Travel, It’s difficult to get stuck in multiple cars

8, eat vegetables, overuse of chemical pesticides

9, alive, labored all over the life

10, dead, a piece of cemetery

201 8 years of social new top ten relations

New Top Ten

A big blame, Advertising is not true

Two big blame, Clearance sale every day

Three big blame, protect animals casually slaughter

Four big blame, yellow hair loaded foreigner

Five big blame, Disrespectful old man loves dogs

Six blame, environmental pollution becomes nuisance

Seven blame, divorce Becoming a modernist

Eight monsters, no more than a contribution to wear

Nine monsters, film and television dramas will change history

Ten blame, mobile phone harms the next generation

2018 Social New Ten Relations