Neymar rape and rape

Sao Paulo: Brazil woman in a central rape charges against striker striker Neymar said on Friday informed that the police investigate rape accusations of rape in the country.

The woman says has accused the football rape soccer in Paris hotel in May, a fee refuses.

This woman came to the Sao Paulo police station, covered with a black jacket when she was accompanied by a number of foreign journalists.

It came out six hours of testimony, which was posted on UOL's website in a room with three police officers.

She was arrested at the police station in the courtroom, and did not speak with reporters.

The image of her appearance came a day later Neymar has gone to Rio de Janeiro police at the base – after a wheelchair an injury to the ankle The Copa America on Wednesday will play friendlies against Qatar.

He commented on his investigations publishing modern text messages of photos and pictures a social media woman without permission.

Neymar told the police that the assistant and technician was "sharing" the messages and pictures, according to Globo TV.

The latest incident of anonymous photographs and Brazilian talks has already been posted on WhatsApp messages between the two men on Thursday's TV Globo and Record.

Self-workshop – the date of May 16th, a day after the woman said she was raped – were photographed drawing of rape wounds covered with insects. Neymar writes: "These symptoms are also criminal, yes, you asked for more."

The woman responded: "You are crazy, I asked you to stop even though you were apologetic!"

While interviewing the SBT TV network was launched shortly before the match, the defendant explained the problem of "rape allegedly" in the hand.

Neymar was in the 20 minutes before the game left on the right ankle, having played for Paris Saint-Germain and Brazil.

More than 60 per cent of Brazilians believe that Neymar is innocent, according to the election of more than 2,071 Brazzaville this week. Only 14 per cent think he is guilty, said Parana Pesquisas on Friday.