Niu Baer said that the red building: the “squid effect” in writing


This is the forty-first reading of the red building written by the author. Focusing on Cao Gong’s writing strategies and techniques, he proposed a very interesting writing concept “squid effect”. This article is closely related to the text, not only limited to the text, but also complements the intensive reading of the fine-grained, each has its own merits. Welcome to continue to pay attention.



The author of “Dream of Red Mansions” arranged for Liu Lao to come to Jiafu several times. This is the author’s writing strategy. A brilliant embodiment of the technique.

Through the perspective of an old lady in the country, the life of the Jiafu people will be defamiliarized. In this kind of processing, the author also followed Liu Lao Lao to have a new understanding of Jia.

A lot of novels and film and television dramas nowadays, in the “defamiliarization” point, Furu “Dream of Red Mansions” is far worse. The characters they write do not have the hierarchical difference between life and understanding. In this way, you see this thing like this. He sees this thing still, and the shaped characters have the same understanding of the same thing, which can’t Bringing readers a sense of freshness in reading, and can not give readers more ideas and vision to see the problem.

The author arranges a character like Liu Laojiao to appear, which is “defamiliarization” in writing.

In addition to this, the appearance of Liu Laojiao also brought a kind of “squid effect” to the author’s writing.


I said this, I don’t know if it is exact. I will specifically talk about it below.

Sardines like to be quiet and pursue stability. In sharp contrast, the squid is moving. The sardines are so savvy that this has caused a lot of trouble for transporting sardines. During the transportation process, sardines often die in large numbers. How to solve this problem? The wise fisherman thought of the squid and put the squid in the sardines in transit. As a result, the sardines also moved along with the moving squid, and the sardine mortality rate dropped drastically.

This is the well-known “Squid effect“. Then, in terms of the writing of the novel, what kind of writing is the use of “squid effect“?

I think that the author uses “squid effect“, The first thing to do is to shape some “sardine” characters, and the second thing to do is to put a ” The squid-style characters are placed in these “sardine”-style characters.

The forty-first back of “Dream of Red Mansions” can be said that the author successfully applied a “squid effect” in his writing. Liu Lao Lao, an old lady who would say that he would laugh and have a little foreign appearance, is a squid that the author placed in Jia. Liu Lao Lao’s squid appeared, and the sardines who had never laughed loudly in Jiafu’s weekdays also laughed with Liu Laojiao.

: in writing

So, “Dream of Red Mansions” is very lively in this place, it is very worth seeing. But we have to be realistic about it. There is a sardine that has not been infected by the old squid. Who is this sardine? This sardine is a wonderful jade.

Use the “squid effect” in writing, but don’t write all the sardines as one. Miaoyu This sardine is a fish that slips through the net, which is a distinctive sardine. In other words, the author uses the “squid effect” with reservations.

The author applied the “squid effect” to writing and wrote the story to the excitement. If you want to write a novel, this is very worth learning.

But it’s worth learning that the author is not using the “squid effect” but is using it in reserve. This is more worth learning for all those who write novels.