No Players Would Like The Challenge Without Fans But organizers can choose their own: World Athletics Head

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World Athletics has announced the start of the one-day Diamond League matches beginning on August 14 in Monaco, starting in early May following the global disaster "Covid-19".

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  • Latest update: May 15, 2020, 9:24 PM IST

World Cup head coach Sebastian Coe said on Friday but he has told organizers to decide whether to release the fans when the game resumes in August.

WA announced Tuesday they will begin the Diamond League daily games starting August 14 in Monaco, starting in early May following the global disaster of COVID-19. It had already cooled down during the Olympic qualifiers until the end of November due to problems.

"No player would prefer to compete with a viewer. They want to compete in front of Stadia shelter fans. But in some cities it may just bring in players that they do not want to introduce to many. "Coe said at a literary conference with selected Indian journalists.

He said organizers of the prestigious 12-foot Diamond League conference will determine the number of events and safety guidelines to be followed according to local requirements.

Coe said WA will not issue the Diamond Diamond Operating System Standard to its organizers.

We have left them with the best way to manage and provide the players and spectators the best way to achieve local conditions. Of course, we will look for best practices and contact the event directors, he said.

The organizers of each meeting will determine the number of events, which event will be held and which will be removed two months before the event, "he said.

He also said that sports will not be the same in the coming months at least.

"We think we will find a way (for events) and the trail and the stadium may not look traditional in the coming months but we are confident we will see this problem," he said without going into specifics.

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