Norwegian offices in Aker BP adopt a "work everywhere" approach thanks to Magu Design

In Stavanger, Norway, Magu Design's creative team recently completed a new "work from anywhere" office at European oil company Aker BP.

In terms of its function and style, the office is generally based on its functions. This was intended to give employees the choice to come and share office space daily rather than work from home. Designers and executives also wanted to create a different, flexible, and open space for the whole day, allowing people to change where and how they sit all day according to whatever they are comfortable with. .

The office may look fun, informal, and casual, but it is really very efficient, well equipped, and really productive. Underneath its own decorations, styles, and intriguing details, the office really has a different sense of luxury and delicacy, offering just about anything and everything a employee or client may need throughout the day.

As the components of the company were balanced by cutting edge, the designers chose to incorporate the emphasis on the office technology itself. Specifically, they wanted to fully enable running a private sector within the company called Eureka.

The Eureka department is diverse and ever-changing, meaning they need a place that has the same characteristics. Team structure varies depending on the project they are working on. On some days, the department happens to have very few employees working independently, but at other times everyone will work together in a larger group, working on a whole floor of the office for several weeks or even several months at a time.

Because the team is constantly changing needs, the space is really dedicated to work and active activity. Because the entire space is shared, there is a big policy in the office that work going on will be cleaned and stored somewhere else at the end of the night instead of going there, as there are no desks. space where everyone's movement is visibly moving. day after day.

Of course, some employees and projects will naturally need a little concrete, goal-driven, and focused place to produce their work. This is why the designers built and settled in a quiet area on each floor; A zone, before deduction or as well Go & # 39; boat, is specially designed and built for highly personalized or personalized work.

There are also a few people who are culturally positioned for that it is a little further away from the larger areas, if that is what the staff needs during any given project. These are real rooms with tables and chairs. These are in the minority, however, because most of the work required by the company is collaborative.

Another special part of the office is the type of meeting space. Rather than describe the rooms go & # 39; doonsan and quickly manipulated the results of the waiting list for the things that immediately looga held, the office has transferred the idea in many places in and put windows meeting space . These make each session feel like a focused experience but also a break from the normal routine, making them feel more interactive than intimidating. This model also means that it exists always some kind of meeting place available.

In addition to their differences among themselves, the different zones and meeting spaces built into the space are also almost impossible to describe, making them feel as if they are uninterrupted. liquid. The presence of cutting-edge technology is also unlimited, as it is witnessed by all accountability for the fact that meetings are designed to be held wherever it feels right for the people involved.

Besides its intricate design and interesting use of the design, designers also added a more inspiring theme than the combination of art and decoration. If you look at the details and some of the & # 39; s decorations, you can see how they inform their position after the topics in the classic story Alice in Wonderland and the way she went into the rabbit hole to meet another world. Executives and designers wanted the staff and customers to feel that they were seeing a new world in the eyes, complete with a new way of doing things.

Photos by Arne Bru Haug