Notification|Get a new social security card

In 2017, urban and rural residents who collected information on new social security cards in villages, communities, and convenience service centers have completed most of the new card production in the city. Resident friends can go to from now on. The village, community, and convenience service center will receive the new social security card. The residents who have not received the card will receive the next batch (subject to the notice).

Time for this card: from now until July 31st

Notification|Getting a New Social Security Card

Notice|Get a new Social Security card


Social Security Card Activation

After receiving the Social Security Card, you need to activate first. After activation, the old social security card will be invalidated, and the old card information will be The medical insurance balance is automatically transferred to the new social security card.

Activation method:

1. I activate the ID card and social security card to any bank of the selected bank, and activate social security and finance at the same time. Function;

2. I will use the ID card and social security card to activate the social security function at the nearest convenience center, community, and village network, and then activate the financial function at any bank of the selected financial account bank; entrust others The original and photocopy of the agent’s ID card must also be provided for activation.

3, Children cardholder activation, the bank needs the guardian to bring the residence booklet and ID card, the account book must be able to prove the relationship between the two parties, ICBC needs to bring the child together activation.


Social Security Card Password

1. After the new social security card is activated (no password change), you can use it directly. After activation, the social security transaction initial password is 123456.

2. Cardholders can modify the Bank, Village, Community, Convenience Service Center, reset the social security transaction password, or modify the eight-digit social security inquiry password (The pharmacy can only modify the social security transaction password. After the social security card is activated, it will send an eight-digit social security inquiry password to the registered mobile phone.

3. After the social security card password is entered incorrectly for 6 times, the social security function will be locked. The cardholder must use the transaction password reset before using.


Additional instructions

1, Replenishment card: The replacement card is in the original social security card Select the social security card service outlets designated by the cooperative bank, and you cannot cross the bank; the bank outlets should recycle the old cards.

2, Change Card: Cardholders should apply for a social security card (1) cardholder name if one of the following conditions is met , social security number, photo, social security card selected cooperative bank and other card surface information changes; (2) social security card face personal information is printed incorrectly; (3)The cardholders who choose the cooperative bank to change the social security card should first go to the human service outlet to cancel the function of the social security card community, then go to the original cooperative bank to apply for the social security card financial account, and finally to the newly selected cooperative bank. The designated social security card service outlets handle the new card, and the bank recycles the old card.

3, Reserved mobile phone number: If the cardholder reserves the mobile phone number, he/she should go to village, community, convenience service center or self-service buffet. The service integrated machine and the website of the Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau were revised.

4, Stop the accountant: If the cardholder terminates the business of the person due to death, going abroad (land), etc., he should first go to the person network to handle the business of the person.>Terminate and the social security card people’s function to cancel the formalities, and timely receive the relevant benefits through the social security card, and then go to the cooperative bank outlet selected by the social security card to handle the financial function of the account cancellation procedures, after the account is closed Bank outlets recycle old cards and process them.