Old Parisienne factory has been a modern French modern thanks to Vincent Eschalier

French art, france, modern designer and design Vincent Eschalier has completed a flexible housing project involving a former industrial factory that allows the group to play in shape and appearance to counteract basic elements .

Modernization of France Lofta, whose height is high th The city's repairs have been renovated by an ancient factory built and operated in the nineteenth century, when they went through commercial spaces. Now, rather than becoming heavy machines and busy staff, the old building looms 17 pounds, between the size.

One of the eyes, especially Eschalier, is located on the third floor and the top of the original factory building. Becoming an individual, this is one of the many skills that can be seen in detail, as it is free to work in its best way, rather than give priority to the needs of the client and the expectations.

In his connection, Eschalier has been involved in industrial sectors to silence the history of the building, but it has made a distinctive detail of natural wood, modern designs, and colors. The most important industrial equipment is, obviously, a dark black mirror in the center of the house.

Both sides are on both sides of the same metal, which are both decorative and work, the stairs are the result of the main house of the house in the flats. This is the bedroom, which is one that is well-kept, but beautiful, and beautiful and sunny.

Black stripes of stairs are returned to various artifacts in the home, as well as modern smartphones. However, there is no need for artificial light, however, because the apparent rhythm of the roof reflects the natural sunshine of all nature.

Instead of black, white, and natural wood, Eschalier has added color to be a more detailed and vertically fit vertical accent. A good example of this flexibility is a strong green in the living room, found rooga, vintage chairs, wall art, lights and shades.

Generally, the loft has a logical sense of interaction and co-existence between all previous and new ones. It is a standard example of modern repairs that can be made in the modern mirror without any problems from the historical facets, as well as the cost of construction history!

Photos by Joan Bracco